Why don’t you care about your brand?

by Michael Hubbard on August 5, 2008

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Re/Max – you do care – so you’re off the hook (but contact us anyway – as we want to work with you on your interactive advertising). But the other 100 companies – I’m very intrigued by.

What happened over the last month was extremely interesting here at Media Two. We embarked upon an online ad campaign on an unnamed search engine (ok – it was Google) that not only showed that advertising agencies believe in using search, but that we are creative masters at using it for ourselves as well as our clients. I don’t want to spoil the results of our campaign as we have a soon-to-be-released case study (AdWeek – AdAge – any interest?), but let’s just say that we targeted 101 potential clients with our messaging. In addition to the results of the campaign, we found another interesting phenom… No one was protecting their trademarked brand name.

Of the 101 Brands that we targeted, only Re/Max didn’t allow us to market towards their name. One other client politely said “OK – you got my attention; now get off my brand names”.An even more interesting occurrence happened with the Bank of America. I’m not claiming it’s someone in their marketing department, but I am claiming it smells like a funny way of watching your brand. Instead of contacting us, or filling out the appropriate Trademark complaint/protection form with Google (FYI Brand Marketers – REALLY easy if you simply go tohttp://www.google.com/tm_complaint_adwords.html), what happened was “someone”, located in the city of Charlotte, repeatedly clicked on our ad over a short time period (minutes), and spent less than 1 second on our landing page… Hmmm… Yes, it eventually depleted our perceived budget, but then Google replenished it when it noticed the blatant click-fraud (all without us asking – so thank you Google and your supposed non-existent click fraud protection group) and we were back online again.

So my question is – if you’re not watching your own brands – who is? More importantly, if you are watching your brand, what are you doing about it… I can assure you we’ll have a case study on this as well.

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