What Influences You?

by Media Two on May 8, 2008

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My last post was inspired by a recent article on eMarketer, and to continue with that theme, this post is too. In this article called E-mail Marketing Still Works, the main focus was that “permission-based email is great at getting consumers to buy”, with the key word being permission-based. What they are really saying is CRM emails convert at a high rate. Yes, we knew that. There are still some interesting points regarding email marketing that you may fancy, so take a look. I’d like to take a more general view of the data and provide some feedback.

Let’s focus on the research from the “Green Marketing Study” by Opinion Research Corporationwith the chart titled Type of Advertising that Most Influences US Adult Online Buyers When Making an Online Purchase. Another layer of this data that I like is it’s segmented by age and US region. There are several ways to use this information, but the two most obvious are landing page development and media buying.
According to the aforementioned study, younger folks like to have assurance from others before making a decision and older folks consider search results their pied piper leading them to a decision. This makes a lot of sense as I made several recent online purchases based on customer reviews on Amazon.com and other consumer report sites beforehand. They did not have any effect on purchase intent, but did influence my decision on the brand.

Speaking of reviews, we recently incorporated video testimonials into our landing pages, and although it may be too early to tell, the initial results have been positive. So, give it a try when developing your next landing page. Although ideal, it doesn’t have to be a video, just tie in some reviews and written testimonials … to go along with your kick-ass value prop in the upper left hand corner and call to action button strategically and prominently placed on the page.

I rarely use an email to initiate purchases unless the offer is phenomenal, but the results don’t lie. It does show that you can have success with a very qualified list rental, or even better, remarketing efforts via email. This is a whole other blog entirely, but CRM is an area that, more often than not, the client is neglecting and failing to utilizing these qualified leads to the best of their ability. The biggest problem is the turnaround times are just too slow. If I’ve made the effort to raise my hand, don’t contact me back in two weeks or worse, two months. I will have already started a conversation with your competitor or made a decision already by then, and now, you are just spamming me.

Lastly, it is surprising that display on social networking sites is at the bottom of the list. For a service or product targeted to a younger demo, social networking sites have worked well in the past, mainly because the inventory is inexpensive. On the other hand, I am not surprised about Blogs. From a direct response standpoint, these do not work, as well as, you run the risk of creating a negative forum that could harm your brand.

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