[VIDEO] Morgan Siem discusses “Is Social Media Worth It?”

by Morgan Siem on April 18, 2011

in Social Media

Rebecca Antonelli’s Meet the New Media events bring together contacts from a variety of media outlets to speak to audiences in North Carolina about media trends as well as tips and tricks for getting your message shared across channels.

Last month I had the privilege of speaking at one of these events alongside David Crabtree of WRAL, Phil Zachary of Curtis Media and Chris Baysden of the Triangle Business Journal. So, basically the four of us together represented TV, radio, print & online (specifically, social media).

One of the points I made during the session was in response to a question I hear frequently: “Is it worth it?” This is a basic question that people have about everything in life, not just social media. Is this dress worth the price? Is this meeting worth the time? And so on and so forth. So, I took to addressing the version of that question that I encounter most frequently: “Is SOCIAL MEDIA worth it for my business?”

Answer: Social media isn’t inherently worth it or not worth it. It’s what you do with it. Take, for example, the dress mentioned above. The dress isn’t necessarily valuable to you or not, but if you love it and wear it every day, then yes, it’s worth it. If you buy it and wear it once, then no, it’s not worth it. The same goes for the meeting. If you attend a meeting and don’t listen while you’re in there and don’t meet anyone else who attended, then no, it wasn’t worth your time. However, if you network, ask the questions you need answered and listen in, then you’ve significantly increased the value of the meeting (not because it was inherently more valuable, but because you invested more in it).

It extends from there that social media isn’t inherently valuable for your business, but rather a tool that you can utilize to create value based on what you do with it.

The video also gets into St. Baldrick’s, which I hadn’t meant to bring up, but which ended up being an irresistible fit for the conversation following Phil Zachary’s mention of what the radio stations are doing to support the foundation.


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