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by Phil Buckley on November 18, 2010

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This is the one I’ve been waiting for, USABILITY!

Patrick Bultema the CEO from CodeBaby, Kelly Johnson the founder of Converta Design and David Minton from DesignHammer are setting up. David’s wearing a black fedora of some sort, but I’ll overlook that.

Let’s get started!

Oh wait, first a quick advertisement from Brian Hutchinson for AlertSite, ummm thanks?

Patrick Bultema is up first, he’s covering Online Customer Behavior and Online Customer Experience. He’s decided not to stand at the podium. I’m also slightly confused that his presentation slide shows his information and an avatar of a young woman, yet he is neither.

He says we’re still very early in trying to understand online customer behavior. He relays a story where one of his children asks how he connected with his friends before cell phones – good question.

The “old brain” (or as Seth Godin calls it, the “lizard brain”), makes an instant decision about everything, friend or foe. The old brain makes decides do I want to kill it, do I want to eat it, do I want to have sex with it.

It’s emotion that drives us to action, reason comes into play AFTER emotion.

He suggests 3 books

Descates Error

A Whole New Mind

How We Decide

Then 3 more books:



Neuro Web Design

Take Away #1: Must engage customers at an intuative, emotive level.

The touchstone of customer experience is a face-to-face conversation. What do you do when you can’t connect emotionally in a face-to-face connection? You make a tv commercial, like Hallmark has done so successfully.

He plays a nice Hallmark commercial that makes everyone smile.

How do you make an emotional connection online? There’s not one sappy commercial at – why is tha

Eye tracking on TV is faces and boobs, if you can get your product in there, great. On the web, they eye is all over the place. People are in a highly-activated state.

Take-away #2: Respect the highly activated human

Landing pages and micros-sites are structural improvements to interact in a more intelligent way with a user.

Take-away #3: Apply emerging innovations for creating a more human dynamic engagement

Next up is Kelly Johnson who is focusing on Strategies for Increasing Online Conversions.

Kelly has a sweet Souther twang that makes her even more compelling – love it!

Steps to Improve conversions:

  • Understand the user
  • Create a unique selling proposition
  • Improve website usability
  • Optimize conversion path
  • Attract qualified website trafic

Usability = if they can’t figure it out, they won’t convert.

One of the benefits of usability means satisfied users are more productive and less frustrated.

Driving generic traffic is not enough, it’s qualified traffic that has meaning. Use analytics to make smart changes. Analyze, change, analyze, change, test, change, test some more. always be optimizing.

Last up is David speaking about Accessibility and SEO.

Uh oh, tech problems and no techie support nearby. David seems a bit distracted that he doesn’t have his wireless mic or clicker available.

He starts with a pitch to go visit his site. Says that we shouldn’t need to take notes during his presentation, but that it will be available online tomorrow.

He starts talking about “click here” and how that’s a really crappy anchor text. If you do a Google search for click here, there are billions of results.

He’s moving on to sight impaired visitor and a search engine robot – both have almost no visual clues. He suggests checking out Fangs, a simulated screen reader for Firefox.

HTML is a structured language, use the structure. It helps, SEO and accessibility at the same time.

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Hudson Haines November 18, 2010 at 10:46 am

This has already proven to be one of the best sessions so far. It was the one I was looking forward to as well. I’m going to be getting a copy of the full presentation from Patrick Bultema’s section so if anyone is interested I will be more than happy to share.


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