Should You Tweet In Clumps?

by Phil Buckley on November 19, 2010

in Social Media

I love the tweets from Hacker News. I also love when brands try something different.

I’m sure you’ve seen the “Twitter Etiquette” articles that warn against sending out a glob of tweets all at once so that it fills up your followers tweet stream. It’s rude and terrible and you’ll burn in Twitter Hell for some sort of 21st century Emily Post faux pas.

Recently I’ve been watching something interesting and effective in my twitter stream, it’s something that goes against the traditional Twitter etiquette and I think is actually very effective.

Hacker News in my twitter stream

mini-stream takeover

What I think is smart is that Hacker News does a mini-takeover ad in the middle of my stream. It’s not terrible because I almost always find at least one of the stories worthy of a click. In fact, I like it.

Their bright orange profile picture helps to differentiate them and makes the mini-takeover even more effective.

I’ve also been following Michael Gray‘s experiments with Twitter and his attempt to automate a certain amount of promotional tweets that link back to some of his archived content. He’s still working through some of the kinks, and I saw a great suggestion from Ben Cook suggesting a dedicated section of tag that the auto-tweets pull from.

That got me thinking about some of the limitations with one of my favorite social tools right now, auto-randomization. I love the way Argyle Social let’s me schedule future tweets and Facebook postings. I also like Michael’s idea of auto pushing great evergreen content. But I want to have some intelligence behind the scenes doing the heavy lifting of randomizing and scheduling.

I want to be able to spin the content of my tweet, then tell the program to send that tweet out X times a day/week/month until a specified end date (or forever). Then I want the program to start scheduling those quasi random tweets without bumping up against other stuff I already have in the queue with some intelligence.

I want to be able to keep my twitter stream alive and still be able to engage when I’m ready. The maker of such a tool will be able to sell a lot of subscriptions to anyone who sees the value of Twitter but can’t be connected to it all day.

Is there a tool out there already doing everything I want?

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