The Future of Healthcare Marketing

by Barbara Maloney on May 30, 2011

in Social Media

HealthWorks Collective

Social Media Today recently introduced a new community called HealthWorks Collective. This new blog they created brings together many of the world’s leading healthcare bloggers in order to deliver quality healthcare to as many people as possible. This blog will deal with healthcare, health policy and legislation. They plan to aggregate content and provide resources about all aspects of modern medicine, providing a community where healthcare professionals can discuss the latest concerns and advances in their field. By developing a community of bloggers, they hope to become “the leading online destination for thoughtful, intelligent healthcare debates.”

Some of the founding members of HealthWorks Collective are a former CEO of a major university medical system, a leading software analyst, a renowned authority on the nexus between healthcare and free markets, and an expert in international development.

HealthWorks Collective have already covered some great topics such as: What role should government regulation play in supporting or hindering innovative care and how can new diagnostic technology make healthcare more effective and efficient?

The editor and one of the founders of Social Media Today, Robin Fray Carey speaks about the vision behind “metablogs” like Social Media Today and Healthworks Collective.

This is a nice example of how social media can be used to provide a valuable community resource. What’s your take?

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