The Future of Digital Media & Marketing | Internet Summit 2011

by Holly Bazemore on November 15, 2011

in Social Media

It’s 1:30pm at my first session at the 2011 Internet Summit in Raleigh and the room is buzzing for the keynote panel! Scott starts by mentioned that this year there are over 60 sponsors for this event! WOW! Fun Fact: internet summit… there’s an app for that!

The moderator Kurt Merriweather began by asking a series of questions about who in the room are marketers.  Then he asked, “How many people have had problems getting someone’s attention lately?” He gave this example to point out the amount of laptops and smartphones in the room and a problem we were are going to look at is how marketers are having problems reaching people due to the mass amount of technology people use.

Then Kurt asked the panel about some of the trends that they have seen and are starting to experience.  Ro Choy, from Formspring, mentioned that marketing is more difficult as there is a need for growth focus.  He gave the example of Facebook and that in the beginning they had a team dedicated to growth, which he mentioned is a large part of their success.  Maria Pergolino, from Marketo, mentioned how meeting culture has changed and technology devices are welcomed. She also gave an example of a family member that was using an iPad during commercials while watching TV and how this can make a marketers job more difficult.

David Perry of Google discussed mobile engagement increase due to the amount of people that have smart phones.  He said that 79% of Google advertisers did not have a mobile ready site. Maria mentioned that it would be more effective to put out content rather than coupons to start engagement.  David pointed out that building from your business objective is an important starting point.

The conversation moved on to B2B & B2C, with Maria pointing out that she believes businesses skip over looking at who their clients are at this point and that is an important step to utilize.  Ro explained that everything that is shared online is social (whoot).  That data set has been enabled for advertisers and developers but the data amount is so enormous. However he did say that the purchase rate of items that were developed and marketed based on this data was 4 times higher.

They split the panel between 2 for B2B and B2C to look at social media. Here are some bullet points from that discussion:

  • IBM encourages their employees to blog and tweet
  • Business can be gained through social media
  • Use of  promoted tweets and Facebook ads.  Not as much pushing but making their brand present.
  • Tracing issue because of the amount of data, it would be beneficial to look how how the data will be measured as the first step
  • Social media as an audience extension
  • You become the  marketer, seller, promoter, and news gatherer with social media
  • B2B are more conservative in use of social media  but the opportuntiy is still there for B2B like B2C

David discussed how the tablet is showing a different experience and does what interactive TV didn’t do.  His opinion of the future of media is that ads will look more like content because they can act more like content.

Fun Fact: 83% more executives are consuming video than 10 years ago.

Maria mentioned that referrals might be a better starting place for small businesses than social media.  Ro also mentioned that it is important to make sure that all social media sites are updated and constantly exposed.   Exposure is key. In response to a question, Maria said that social communities are an option for clients that have issues with confidentiality or are focused on non-public issues.  There is still an opportunity for social media use!



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