Freshness Matters.

by Ellie Johnson on August 21, 2009

in Design

Every day I saunter through the Internet’s tubes ( I don’t surf – I saunter ) exploring the contributions of hundreds of professionals and amateurs, executives and creatives, neophytes and experts.  Fueled with purpose or just curiosity, I click and scroll and click and scroll.  Daily, my eyes recoil in horror as I find sites for businesses that have been built and then left there to simply age; they offer no value today except for maybe a contact detail (of course I’m shocked that anyone would want their name attached to these pages) and a general sense of what this company may offer.  Unlike everyone I know, Web sites do NOT age gracefully.  They go at breakneck speed into a worthless state of repulsion.  Some make me gasp.  Some make me angry.  I get angry because, “Why make the initial investment when you don’t even respect the purpose of a Web site as a business tool and clearly don’t tie your business into your Web site?”  Who wants outdated information?  As my mom would say – “That’s the kind of help I can do without.”

Perhaps I’m too harsh in your mind, but in mine – I live online.  The Web is my hood.  I shop here, I work here, I go here to be entertained and to find every piece of information that I need during my day.  Just like when I walk into a store and the shelves look depleted or their wares are expired or their window dressing looks like a 12 year old through something together – I get annoyed – very annoyed.  And I take my business elsewhere.  The same happens when I visit your online storefront or place of business – if you look like you don’t care about it - then as a potential customer of yours, I really don’t care about your business.

I took my examples of the many properties online that bring down the Web’s property values in my neighborhood and shared my gripes with my good friend and colleague Rachel, our Creative Director – we kicked around the idea with our team of an Internet Age Calculator.  The “tool” would be cheeky but it would also drive home the point that Web sites that are not updated frequently – both with contemporary imagery and relevant content – become worthless to the customer or prospective customer very quickly.

Our design team created the Fresh Web Site Feeling Calculator.  Now, while many sites suffer from lack of attention as they age – others are simply offensive in their utter disrespect for the customer’s user experience.  This tool can’t help that lot.  But it will add a little fun in your day – give it a try!

And please, don’t neglect your Web site!

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Jon Kenney August 25, 2009 at 10:02 am

I always enjoy playing with the cool interactive things design pumps out.


David Dekker david August 25, 2009 at 3:46 pm

Thanks Jon & good story Ellie. Keep those sites fresh people ;)


Michael Hubbard Michael Hubbard August 26, 2009 at 10:20 am

I like the post – but I still wish the site would explain the algorithm’s that go into the age calculator. Otherwise it just seems like you made up random thoughts and there’s nothing more to it…


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