The Tangled “Web” We Weave…

by Media Two on March 1, 2008

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I was going to call this blog ”How Uncreative and NOT Fun Writing Can Be When Prompted Repeatedly”, but as I was getting ready to start my day this morning, a different topic entered my mind. How my interactive career has become entangled with my personal life.

Not to say that it’s a bad thing…it’s just hard to explain some times. Over my years in the media side of the biz, I’ve met and done business with countless people in this industry and overall I have to say, what a great group of peeps! I’ve worked both traditional and internet-side…no offense traditional, but the internet profs are way more fun to work with. Maybe it’s because we’re all relatively young and learning the ever-changing landscape of the big WWW daily. Maybe it’s because it takes a certain personality to want to dig in the trenches to build out this new medium.
Maybe everyone has “been there, done that” on the stuffy side of advertising and marketing and is set to do the complete opposite. Whatever the reason, it fills your life with very unique and interesting relationships.

And sometimes those relationships, turn into friendships….crossing into your personal life…..

I was attending my friend’s wedding over the weekend, she was one of my first clients, a co-worker and a “help guide” for motherhood. At the same wedding were….1 old boss, 3 more former co-workers, the admin for the OldtimersGroup and 3 former sales reps. Together, however, they are also known as my friends.

I’ve felt for years that this industry is just one big happy family and watching the NY sales reps’ toddler dancing with my flower girls, somehow solidified my feelings.

The moral of this story? My writing is just not very creative when prompted repeatedly.

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