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St. Baldrick’s Video ready!

Here’s a quick video of the St. Baldrick’s head-shaving event! For background, eight Media Two employees had their heads shaved on April 7, 2011 to raise money and awareness for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation in support of children’s cancer research. During the month and a half while we were fundraising, we were able to raise [...]

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We Did It!!

As many of our friends, family and total strangers know, Media Two participated in St. Baldrick’s yesterday. Five men, two women, and two honorary Media Two members went under the razor yesterday afternoon to raise awareness and money for childhood cancer research through this organization. We’re happy to report that we’ve raised approximately $21,000 for [...]

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Stacey Alexander’s Interview with IDreamInTech

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How did our social media strategist, Stacey Alexander, get into the biz? What are her thoughts on social media in general? Why is she participating in St. Baldrick’s? If you’re dying to know the answers, you’re in luck. Just the other day, Stacey had an interview with IDreamInTech’s Cole Watts that answers all of these [...]

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Why Healthy Choice is Awesome

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This past Saturday, Morgan and I were guest co-hosts on Gregory Ng‘s internet frozen food review show, Freezerburns. We were there to have some fun, get Morgan comfortable with frozen food, and spread the word about St. Baldrick’s. This is where Healthy Choice came into the picture. Through a relationship he has with the marketing [...]

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Inspiration comes in “waves” for me and for about 5 years I was constantly moving from one amazing wave to the next.

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Morgan & Stacey Conquer Fear to Conquer Children’s Cancer

Photoshopped baldies!

Media Two has plenty of smart and beautiful women – but we also have 2 that are willing to go the extra step and shave their heads to support cancer research.

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Media Two Expands Team | Welcomes Stacey Alexander

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Media Two is thrilled to welcome Social Media Strategist Stacey Alexander to the team.

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Comings Goings Changes Transitions

Media Two’s Copywriter and Social Media Specialist, Lisa Sullivan, bids a fond farewell to the Media Two Point OH community and her colleagues.

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