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Triangle AMA’s December Luncheon: Building a Thriving Online Community

Megan, Carson, & I attended the Triangle AMA’s December Luncheon last week! David B Thomas from radian6 spoke about social media monitoring. He began with stating that social media is HUGE and it’s not going away. For those not as familiar with how huge social media really is, David quoted that there are 800 million [...]

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Why do we love social media?

Justin and I spent some time last week getting a little creative to show why we love social media at Media Two.  For the video creation we primarily used Camtasia and this was all created in house by our social media team.  We decided to take on this idea by posing our question on social [...]

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Measuring Social | Internet Summit 2011

The 11:20pm session for Measuring Social became standing room only within minutes. Using Social Data to Determine Your Most Profitable Customers & Connections //Jeff Ragovin Our first speaker for this session was Jeff Ragovin.  The first question he asked was do people use emotions on statuses?  Of course they do!  He pointed out how many [...]

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Featured Thought Leaders | Internet Summit 2011

Day 2 at the Internet Summit 2011 and the 8am session begins with Featured Thought Leader Marc Cendella. Marc began by sharing his story and discussing how he loves jobs.  He worked for Hot Jobs before they were sold out to Yahoo.  He got started with his company through doing Google job searches for his [...]

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Keynote Speaker | Gary Vaynerchuk | Internet Summit 2011

Gary Vaynerchuk was the Keynote Lunch Speaker for the Internet Summit 2011! Gary began his presentation by giving some background about his history and how he began his career.  One day when working with his Dad at their family store he saw a huge amount of demand for a special wine.  He made the analysis [...]

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Mobile Presence | Internet Summit 2011

Last but not least…… Driving Innovation in Audio: How ESPN Takes Content Local, Mobile and Social // Traug Keller Traug Keller discussed how ESPN has very strong brand strength.  ESPN Radio is #3 behind ESPN and ESPN2.  They developed a mission to go beyond radio to audio and broaden this area.  Streaming is a huge [...]

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Social Media Trends | Internet Summit 2011

Up Next…Several speakers on Social Media Trends!   How PBS Uses Social Media (especially Facebook) to Reach “Viewers Like You”  //Kevin Dando Kevin Dando discussed how his company uses Facebook to attract new and current business. Here are some notes from the Facebook “Like Drive” they had: similar to a pledge drive every day for [...]

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The Future of Digital Media & Marketing | Internet Summit 2011

It’s 1:30pm at my first session at the 2011 Internet Summit in Raleigh and the room is buzzing for the keynote panel! Scott starts by mentioned that this year there are over 60 sponsors for this event! WOW! Fun Fact: internet summit… there’s an app for that! The moderator Kurt Merriweather began by asking a [...]

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Creating World-Class Social Media Campaigns | Internet Summit 2011

It’s 9:17 am on the first morning of the 2011 Internet Summit in Raleigh, and Christian Sullivan, Community Relations & Engagement Supervisor at Ignite Social Media, is currently giving a presentation on Creating World-Class Social Media Campaigns. She started off with two examples from Mountain Dew and the Groupon-Gap deal.

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Social Media Is Not Free

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You may have seen previous posts here on our blog about outsourcing social media. In case you missed it, here they are: Outsourcing your Social Media The benefits of using an agency for social media The obstacle a lot of us in the agency business come across in social media is that there’s a view [...]

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This Internship is better than a Hot Fudge Sundae

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For the past seven months I have been a Social Media Intern here at Media Two Interactive.  Today my internship is coming to a close as I get ready to head back to school and start senior year. I wanted to share a few things that I have learned: I learned how to utilize monitoring [...]

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Recap: Media Two at Triangle AMA Facebook Camp

In case you missed it, Media Two presented at the recent Triangle AMA Facebook camp. Here, Michael, Jon and Morgan will give you the main takeaways from their presentation on Facebook Advertising. Enjoy! For a recap on other presenters, read our liveblog of the event.

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Product Review: Sprout Social

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A few weeks ago, Sprout Social reached out to us to try out their tool for a review. We signed up for their free 30-day trial and played around with it using our Media Two accounts. This post is a review of the tool. What is Sprout Social? Sprout Social is an all-in-one tool that [...]

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