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Google+ vs. Facebook Photo Sharing Privacy

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Google has recently launched Google+. Google+ is their attempt at a social network. One of the things that was introduced within Google+ is photo sharing. Google+ has made viewing and sharing photos even easier. However, before sharing any photos on Google+ you need to know what rights you are giving up when you use Google+ [...]

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Google+ Wishlist

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After spending some time on the platform, I have two items on my Google+ wishlist for the developers.

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Google’s new tool “Me on the Web”

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Google recently announced a new tool titled “Me on the Web”. It’s officially announced purpose is to “help understand and manage what people see when they search for you on Google.” This new tool is a component of the Google Dashboard, which appears right below the Account details. It will allow you to set up [...]

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Facebook and Bing do social search

Last month, Bing rolled out its new social search feature in which it teamed up with Facebook to provide social context for your searches. Their main message is that you don’t make decisions without your friends on anything else, why should you have to when you’re searching for products or sites on the Web? It’s [...]

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Finding Your Target Audience

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This is a post in a series on the Top Social Media Marketing Questions for 2011. Today’s question is “How do I effectively find my target audience with social media?” Social media and the internet have made targeting your audience a lot easier than it used to be. Not only are we able to see [...]

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Are you using Google +1?

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Google +1, Google’s answer to the Facebook “Like” button, is now live for all. So what is it, and how will it affect search and marketing? I asked our resident search guy, Nick DiPietro, for his thoughts on the new feature. How does Google +1 work? When you are signed into a Google account and [...]

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Gregory Ng Talks Video SEO at Raleigh SEO Meetup

If you weren’t at the Raleigh SEO Meetup last night, you missed a lot of great stuff. If you’ve ever seen Greg Ng speak, you know he offers an incredible amount of super awesome information. Too much for this blog post, so I’ll just hit the highlights of optimizing your video. Don’t worry, you’ll still [...]

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Google Adwords Change to Managed Placements default bid

Beginning March 15th, Google will simplify the current bidding process on its content network.  Below is the statement just received from our Account Reps: Starting on March 15, 2011, we’ll be removing the managed placements default bid in your account. We’re taking several steps to make sure that this will have no impact on your [...]

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What if you could tell Google, “This site is crap”

Google Chrome

Google would like your feedback on low-quality and spammy sites.

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Building Your SEO Strategy – First Steps

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I’m live-blogging this month’s Raleigh SEO Meetup. This one is covering the basics & first steps. Phil Buckley, Media Two’s Director of User Experience, is one of the organizers of the group and the event. Building a Strategy Make sure what you have on your actual website is worth driving traffic to. Start competing locally, [...]

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Is 2011 the year when mobile commerce explodes?

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With the huge growth in mobile devices, the end of 2010 say crazy growth in mobile profits. So what’s your mobile strategy?

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How Quora Works

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If you haven’t started using Quora, here’s a quick primer to get you started.

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Groupon Breaks Off Engagement With Google

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Question: Why would a 29 year old entrepreneur turn down an offer of almost $6 billion dollars for his 2 year old company? The news hit today that talks between Internet behemoth Google and their latest tech-crush Groupon have broken down and the two companies will be going their own way. I’ve been reading a [...]

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