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by Seth Hargrave on February 4, 2009

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Here lately I think most marketers feel like their battles are all uphill. The economy is down, the cost of living up, and demand for products is disappearing (unless you’re Budweiser of course). So what’s an ad agency to do?

Work harder? Sure, that’s a given. Work smarter? Hopefully, but some of us are more capable than others. Even with this approach though, it really comes down to how much of your efforts really shine through to a client when times are tough.

Across the spectrum agencies and marketing budgets are getting dropped like flies, but as a direct response agency, I’ve always felt we’ve got the distinct advantage of being able to show the empirical truth for every dollar our clients spend. That said, sometimes it’s a little more evident than others. With this in mind, I’d like to share a little mini case study on one of the biggest suggestions we’re making to our accounts… keep your marketing fresh!

Instead of putting what money you have into media spend and cutting production costs, I would recommend almost the exact opposite. Of course don’t cut your media entirely, but find the right mix so your buy is optimized. Then follow it up with strong messaging on a regular basis.

Last month, we A/B tested new creative for a client against an old “standby” ad they’ve been running. Their approach was simple. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Ours was the opposite. We can do better. Here’s what we found out…

  • A 39% lift in clickthroughs for the new creative
  • 53% more leads generated through new messaging
  • A 28% decrease in their overall cost per lead
  • A 200% increase in sales
  • And finally, a 63% reduction in their overall cost per sale

Anyone up for some new creative?

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