Integrating Social Media Into Your Search & Mobile Marketing | Internet Summit 2011

by Morgan Siem on November 15, 2011

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Now up – Phil Buckley speaking about where social meets mobile meets search. Off to a good start with a joke that had everyone chuckling.

Remember back in the “old days” when AOL was ‘the internet.’ Now 65% of American adults who use the internet say they use social networking sites.

  • 85% of ppl on the internet look for health or medical info at least once a month
  • 82% search for a map or location
  • 78% look for info about a service or product they are thinking of buying or giving

Massive shift in the way we share info with each other.

“Sharing is bigger than fans, friends and followers. Sharing generates almost half of the traffic for websites and brands that is created by search – 10% of website visits come from sharing. Sharing also accounts for 31% of referral traffic.” (data from ShareThis)

Facebook – “Sharing is about scale, not virality. Shared links are, on average, across all sharing channels, clicked on 4.9 times each, so content shared by large groups of people reach a wider audience than content passed along from others.”

A shout out to Buffer app - I’ll have to check that out later.

Data from SEOMoz – high correlation between Facebook activity and Google search results. #1 Facebook Shares #2 Facebook Activity Summed, followed by Facebook Comments, Facebook Likes, Tweets, Google Buzz…

Remeber WAP? The early days of mobile feature phones. Functional, but not pretty.

Now, we use Responsive Web Design so that the site can display properly on multiple devices – iPad, iPhone, Android, Desktop, Laptop, etc.  Great example by St. Paul’s School.

“IBM’s Coremetrics Benchmark is releasing data around holiday shopping trends we can expect over the next few months. Big Blue says that mobile retail traffic will more than double this holiday season.” (TechCrunch 11/4/2011).

  • 83% of US adults own a cell phone
  • 35% of US adults own a smartphone

Let’s talk about the digital assistant in the iPhone 4s. This one is more aware than other ones on the market. It knows where you are (location) and has a plethora of information. Implications on search – people will no longer search “Mexican food Raleigh NC.” Now they’ll search “Mexican food near me.”

GeoFencing – Let’s use Starbucks as an example – when you walk near a Starbucks, the coupon pops up on your phone inviting you to come into Starbucks.

SquareUp – Card Case taking it to the next level with new iOS5 geo-fencing capabilities. Now processing $11 million A DAY in mobile payments.

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Phil Buckley November 15, 2011 at 9:16 pm

Thanks for live blogging my presentation! It was great seeing you today.

I just put the slides up on slideshare at


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