Social Media for Customer Service

by Morgan Siem on August 20, 2010

in Social Media

Personally, one of the most motivating panels at the Social Fresh Charlotte conference this past Monday was Social Media for Customer Service.

Social Media for Customer Service Panel at Social Fresh

Social Media for Customer Service Panel at Social Fresh

The panel was stacked with:

I was thrilled to get a chance to hear from Kevin Cole, because I have often pulled up the @BofA_Help twitter account in front of clients to show them an example of a company that’s doing it right when it comes to customer service via social media.

Why do I use them as an example?

  • They identify themselves on the left-hand side of their twitter background. This humanizes the correspondence and also shows that they’re willing to be held accountable
  • They are more focused on helping customers than driving up follower count
  • They set expectations clearly. Within their twitter bio, they clearly present the hours that you can reach them on Twitter: 8-8 ET Mon-Fri and 9-1 ET on Sat.
  • They take safety precautions (see their “Important Notices” in their Twitter background)
  • They respond quickly and respectfully, and they actually solve problems

What was so great about hearing this panel of speakers wasn’t that I learned a ton of new information, but that I got validation about what I’m doing for my clients.

The questions that I heard audience members direct to the panelists were the same questions that I often hear from clients and potential clients. It was great hearing that the panelists answered them the same way that I do. It was validating to know that I’m on the same page as the people I look to as an example.

It was really great to hear Diana Plazas of Doubletree Hotels as well, because she has experience dealing with customer service at a corporate level for a company that has franchises all over the place. I have a lot of clients ask me about how to handle this, so it was great to hear her tackle the questions like:

How do you train branch managers / educate employees at the local level?”

I did get a chance to sit with her for a few moments after her presentation. Very smart, very friendly. Diana – I really appreciate that you took the time to speak with me and let me pick your brain a bit.

Great job to all of the panelists! Keep doing what you’re doing – I love the impact you’re making on customer service, company accountability and social media as a business tool.

What other great examples do you recommend looking at for customer service through social media?

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