Social Media: 140 Random Strategies on Twitter

by Michael Hubbard on March 17, 2009

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In my previous post, Building a Social Media Strategy, I referenced 5 items that needed to be tackled in order to create your social media strategy. What I’d like to do is give some of my observations to what can be done to help build out point #3 – “Identify Strategy & Opportunities”.

Even though Twitter is now in its 3rd year, I think there is still a ton of untapped opportunities, so I will try and define 140 strategies that might help your brand on the social media phenom that is Twitter. Please keep in mind, these are more action items than strategies as everyone’s business is so different – but some of these are fun, and may spur additional thoughts for you (if they do spur thoughts – please comment – b/c I need help getting to 140 of them!):

1. Register your brand name, and every variation of it (I’m baby stepping you into this – work with me).
2. Create a follow list. Identify the newsworthy individuals as well as who you want your brand to be associated with, and start following them with your brand.
3. Follow your competitors – but not with your brand. Don’t give them the satisfaction or SEO benefit of linking to them, instead, create a personal account to follow them. Keep your enemies close.
4. Always follow back who follows you (unless rule #3 invoked). If its your brand, you want to build good will, and who doesn’t appreciate the warm and fuzzy of a return follow.
5. Direct Message. If they follow you, and you follow them back, then shoot them a D. Again, personal correspondence is great.
6. Don’t be afraid to direct message special deals to your followers first, and then open it up to your normal post. Again – warm fuzzies.
7. Follow everyone – if they don’t follow you back, stop following them. This one is not set in stone, but for a starter to twitter, you don’t want to be that person that is following 1,260 people and only have 3 people following you – I believe they call those people “affiliates”.
8. Find more people to follow. Try things like,www.MrTweet.net, etc.
9. Be transparent. If you’re using Twitter to market – let people know that. Don’t let them discover through a “leak” – just bad PR.
10. If you’re marketing to them – don’t market a snow shovel to someone in Florida. People fill out where they’re twittering from, send them market specific information just like you would any other medium.
11. #FollowFriday. Try to get people to recommend you – sometimes all it takes is recommending them.
12. Use of the RT… First person to RT (re-tweet) my name, URL, etc wins a free rocket ship. Get’s people talking.
13. Use of the RT part 2. Say something worth re-tweeting. (this was a RT from someone, I just don’t remember who)
14. Twitter can feed into your blog, website – heck, it can be distributed to anyone you want it to – just give them the code and you now have your own news network.
15. SEO benefits. Recently, our twitter account passed our blog on Google for brand name searches. Now I’m having to blog about Twitter to take that position back.
16. Create a twitter poll. Here’s your modern day focus group, and it’s free. You can even direct them to Google Docs and do it free (
17. CRM. Direct people to appropriate departments, who to call, how to handle things, etc… Let’s face it – everyone hates the voice mail systems, so let’s give them direct access.
18-140. Coming Soon…

I’ll keep updating as results come in – so check back, but I want to get to 140! If you think of any yourself, feel free to comment – or follow me on twitter @MediaTwo.

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