Search vs Display: Cause & Effect Studies?

by Michael Hubbard on August 26, 2009

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I’m heading the SEMPO research committee initiative on deciding whether or not more studies are needed on the relationship between Search and Display advertising. We’ve identified 6 major case studies out there, and before we turn these all over to the rest of our task force for comment, I wanted to make sure we had all of the major studies. For clarification, by Major – I mean ones that are done by research committees and not typically by agencies looking for PR. With that in mind, we disqualified the Media Two study that was done 6 months prior to the earliest one we’ve come across :) . Although the information is legit and well before its time, there was not a formalized committee to substantiate our claims (even though clients are loving it!). So that being said – here are the major ones we’ve identified, I’d love your help on knowing if we missed any:

1) OPA (June 09)
2) Atlas (July 06)
3) iProspect (May 09)
4) Microsoft Advertising (Dec 08)
5) Yahoo, Kodak & Mytravel (unknown)
6) Comscore (Dec 08)

Thanks for everyone’s help!

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