Search Account has “Hit its Limit”?

by Jon Kenney on April 23, 2008

in Media

Some people will tell you that that can never happen…but anything is possible…and exhausting your keyword universe is definitely possible. People only use certain keywords…and only so many of them…and if you have a high enough budget to test ALL of them, you could find yourself at the end of your rope, not being able to drive anymore traffic (or should I say…relevant traffic).

If you have ever found yourself researching keywords that are as far-fetched as your budget or CPA goals can often be, here are a few initiatives you can test that will help in growing your search marketing campaigns, at the very least allowing you to increase visibility in the hopes of driving additional traffic and, in turn, conversions:

1. Create separate campaigns for content-network targeting:

This will place your ads on sites related to your product/service. You’ll typically see a large increase in impressions, but as long as you use your best ads (from a CTR standpoint), you should generate an increase in traffic as well.

These campaigns should mirror your existing sponsored search campaigns and only use your top 30-50 keywords (based on conversion volume)

2. Create a separate placement-targeted campaign:

Generate a list of sites based on category, demographic, topic, etc straight from AdWords. Within this campaign, you are able to use image ads and video (depending on the site) for enhanced branding.

One campaign should target your demographic profile and the other should target sites relevant to your product “topic” or category.

3. Yahoo Search Submit Pro (aka. Paid Inclusion):

This is a cheap and relatively painless way to get your site indexed in the organic search results on Yahoo.

4. Ad Text testing:

I know this is like beating a dead horse, but if you can manage to alter your ad verbiage to garner more consumer interest, you will drive traffic and increase your spend without too much effort. Of course, there is no guarantee (as your new ads may actually turn consumers off), but it’s always worth a shot.

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