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by Media Two on April 3, 2008

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At Media Two we do great work for our clients – I’m biased, I know but it’s what they tell me! So it must be true…

Our media plans deliver customers who open $2M worth of new accounts in a single month for an advertising investment of five figures. Our creative work triggers interest from targeted new visitors and then guides them through simple steps converting them into new leads, new patients, new paying customers and new brand agents for our clients. Every week, the baselines get reset – the work builds upon itself.

At the end of day, we’re enthusiastically exhausted (oxymoron?) by the work day and what we delivered for our clients. The demands put upon each person on the team from our clients and from one another is intense but it’s the stuff that makes each of us get in here to do more of it the next day. We are not suffering from any lack of motivation or integrity. We are however, in desperate need of time to do some of our best work for Media Two and time for self improvement comes at a premium or just doesn’t exist most days.

We need to find the hours to dedicate resources to our site, our own collateral, our new business pitch. There’s no shortage of new business coming our way! But are these potential new partners seeing our best work at our front door? I think we all agree that they’re not – our best work is organized neatly throughout our servers under the many folders that hold the assets we’ve built for our clients.

It’s the symptom that many small to mid size businesses suffer – finding time to prioritize their own needs in order to get to the next level. The level we’ve grown to is all-consuming but we still know we can do more, for our current customers and for new customers and for our firm – but to get there – we need a plan and we need time. We need to make Media Two a customer.

Seth Godin, a famed agent of change in our trade wrote a post recently about managing urgencies. To paraphrase, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. No real news there for anyone. But what he goes on to caution is that when your plan or your work is constantly interrupted by fire drills, you never really achieve your plan’s objectives. I agree in theory, but in practice, that’s the demands that are put on us and we have to manage to that expectation. We expect to get interrupted and often. We manage all of the many “I need this now’s” and get our clients what they pay us for on time. We just don’t do the same for us – yet.

Fortunately, we do have a plan for this year and what we want to accomplish individually at Media Two and as a team. We’ll reconvene and mark our progress against the goals we set at the start of the New Year. And while it’s a small step it’s one that sets us apart from other agencies – we should insist collectively that the work we do for ourselves should also be prioritized, it should have hard deadlines and they should be realistically set to safely absorb fire drills.
This work may not be invoiced but it will bring that ROI and growth we’re after.

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