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by Ellie Johnson on March 15, 2010

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Last night, while catching up on the TV shows that I record during the week – I noticed a commercial that really stood out (See broadcasters? I DVR shows AND I watch commercials! Stop panicking.) and found the brand union to be worth noting here:  “Bravo wants you to play Foursquare,” the Bravo announcer’s voice said.

I watch junk TV on Bravo and now Bravo wants to extend our relationship and engage with me on Foursquare.  I’m 37, female, high HHI, married, one kid – and as such, I watch Bravo.  What’s interesting, is that because I am what I am – I should apparently also be playing Foursquare.  (It must be so or they wouldn’t waste their time on this venture.)  Even more interesting to me as a marketer, is that I hear about Foursquare all day, everyday for our clients but have had no interest to play – until a brand that I like (Bravo) told me to and told me why.  If I wasn’t in marketing, maybe I wouldn’t know what badges are or what the announcer means by “checking in” but I do – and now I want to.  Isn’t that the point of how this whole thing works?  Brands adopt new means to reach me and eventually, a good connection is made and voila! we have engagement and I love the brand more.

“Foursquare offers entertainment brands an opportunity to interact with their customers on both a personal and local level,” Crowley said. “By extending on-air, this partnership also allows us to reach beyond the tech-early-adopter crowd and introduce an entirely new audience to foursquare.”

And that’s where I come in!  I’m that new audience.  (I’m that new sucker?)

Also noteworthy – I didn’t take action after just watching the commercial – I searched for more information on Google the day after.   Marketers take note!

1. DVR’s aren’t killing the 30 second spot.  Poor 30 second spots are killing the 30 second spots – that’s another post.

2. Brands should seek out new ways to engage their loyal audience online and NOT limited to their own branded properties.  Find out where your demo lives online and reach them there to bring them back.

3. Always have a search campaign to support what you advertise on TV, print and radio.

Ellie just checked in.

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Morgan Siem March 16, 2010 at 10:32 am

Love this post, Ellie! I love news of brands making social media partnerships. The more people who play these games (brands and consumers alike), the more fun for everyone. I’m glad that Bravo provided you with the incentive to check in. Welcome to Foursquare – now don’t you dare go after my Media Two mayorship!


Joshua Sweeney March 16, 2010 at 11:00 am

I’ve noticed Bravo is reaching out to the two-point-oh generation more than most other TV channels (except ESPN, but that’s only because their ubiquity forced them into it). My first thought, when I saw them dedicate commercial time (and thus profit) to it was simply, “Cool!” I then immediately thought, “Why?”

You’ve just provided the why: reaching out to people capable of social media interaction but without inspiration or reason. As someone who went through college inundated with social media, I just assumed everyone who knew about it already did it, that market saturation was a given. Obviously that’s not the case.


Michael Hubbard Michael Hubbard March 16, 2010 at 12:32 pm

I like it! I won’t do 4-square unless it’s with a ball and on the playground, but I like the post!


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