Organizing PPC campaigns for success

by Nick DiPietro on February 16, 2010

in Search

Recently we took over a rather large search account. While there were many red flags we identified within the account, the first order of business was restructuring the account. Set-up is key in the success of PPC campaigns. PPC set-up or architecture lays the foundation for campaign performance and management. Logical set-up allows for:

- Better data interpretation
- Relevancy within the engines (not to mention with searchers)
- Meaningful and easier optimizations

Rather than going into all the details related to that specific account, I’d like to provide some suggestions that could be used for any campaign(s). Here are a few things to consider in no particular order:

Promote an ad group to a campaign

- If one or two ad groups are spending the majority of the budget within a particular campaign, consider turning them into their own campaigns. This adjustment will give other ad groups within the original campaign a chance for more exposure because there will be less competition to spend the campaign’s budget.

Separate search and content campaigns…mobile too

- This suggestion is pretty basic, but absolutely necessary. Search, content and mobile are all different animals and should be treated as such. Each tactic adheres to its own set of best practices and in order to manage them effectively, each should remain separate from one another. The option to target iPhones and other smart phones should be deselected in settings of search and content campaigns.

Alternate use for negative keywords

- Normally, negative keywords are used to prevent ads from showing for particular queries that are deemed irrelevant or ineffective (use this tactic too). Negative keywords can also be used to eliminate competition amongst keywords in one’s own campaign. For instance, if multiple ad groups are using broad matching keywords that differ only slightly, it is likely that one ad (from one ad group) will display the majority of the time for each of the slightly different queries. It could be that that particular keyword has a higher quality score, a higher bid or a combination of both. This suggestion won’t necessarily improve results, but it will serve to bolster the integrity of the ad groups.

Research for missing themes

- This point is especially important when taking over an existing account. Basically, just finding new ad group opportunities, if any, based on keyword research or existing keywords that could be grouped more appropriately.

Share your tips on PPC structure below.

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Michael Hubbard Michael Hubbard February 16, 2010 at 5:51 pm

Great article! Obviously you do a lot more than that for the campaigns, but those are some great points that are often over-looked by others. Thanks Nick!


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