Opening Keynote – The Future of the Web

by Phil Buckley on November 17, 2010

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Deb Orton get the 2010 Internet Summit started

Deb Orton get the 2010 Internet Summit started

Welcome to the opening keynote of the 2010 Internet Summit! We’ll be covering over 20 of the sessions and if want to make sure you don’t miss anything, you should subscribe to the Media Two Point {OH} blog! Massive feedback welcomes the attendees before the start of the keynote – yikes. Multiple introductions start off with Scott Hedrick of Tech Media talking up general internet stats – 2 billion people on the internet, but still 70% of the world is NOT on the web. He finally gets around to introducing Deb Orton from SAS who lets us know there are 1,400 people scheduled to attend the Internet Summit. Deb is the senior marketing director at SAS and in turn introduces Dana Todd of Newsforce who will moderate the opening keynote and is also rocking bright purple hair. First out of the gate is a panel on The Future of the Web. Joe Gregorio from Google, Rod Smith from IBM and Bob Young from wearing his perma-ballcap and awesome red socks.

The future of Content on the web

Dana Todd moderated the opening keynote

Dana Todd moderated the opening keynote

Bob Young says we’re raising the most literate generation ever. Young people are reading and writing more than ever. Rod says that as content creation grows, how people dig into it is changing. The data available from readers makes it easier than ever to get good information about your readers. Joe says that blogs are not actually dead, in fact blogs are growing. It’s just that different platforms are also just as viable. He suggests that you should be in multiple streams, both slow and fast streams. Consumption of media is also changing. Rod talks about how people don’t really browse the web on their phone, they look for an app. Apple’s done a nice job making that happen. Rod brings up the “pipes”. We’ll need bigger pipes for all this data. Netflix, Google TV etc makes us all need to exchange data as fast as possible. Bob says that trying to guess where the content market is headed is what gets him out of bed in the morning.

Mobile Commerce

Dana asks about the Isis mobile shopping network and how it will impact future shopping. Joe also pulls in Google Hotpot and They all nod and agree that online commerce is changing fast.

Internet Summit Opening Keynote

Internet Summit Opening Keynote

Dana stops to take some questions from the audience.

First one is on net-neutrality, second one is a good one – as a developer, should I be developing a mobile site, or a mobile app? This question leads a lots of good discussion.

Bob says we’ve finally reached the point where many people only work within the browser.

The techies start talking about the power of API’s and how it’s really changing the web and how people can build their businesses. Bob loves the idea of API’s and says lulu is expanding theirs.

Bob asks what’s the use of having someone with 10 years experience at your software startup when everything is changing every 6 months. Pay for smart people rather than experience.

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Morgan Siem November 17, 2010 at 3:43 pm

Bob Young just made a very interesting comment that managing a tech company is often not about having the most experience but more about learning how to manage the creative energy of your team. He said that it’s almost like running an art class. It’s different than running a traditional company because instead of telling people what to do, you’re helping them collaborate and harness their ideas.


Rab November 24, 2010 at 12:14 pm

Great keynote, thanks for live-blogging. I posted some panoramic photos from the panel.


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