Online Advertising: Consumers Have A Choice

by Michael Hubbard on July 15, 2010

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Privacy has long been a hot topic of conversation, but I’m wondering how many consumers even noticed they have a choice?  What am I talking about?  In a great internal conversation this morning about the value of the Lexus ad being placed on the home page of Yahoo – it was almost completely overlooked that there is now a very small link called “AdChoices” that appears above the ad.

Notice the image above the lexus ad on the right

Notice the image above the lexus ad on the right

When you click on the ad, you are taken to a new section in Yahoo (located at that then talks about the security of the ad, whether it was actually placed by them, etc.

yahoo-adchoicesWhen you click on the manage link in the middle of the page, it takes you to this page – – where you can clearly see what, if anything Yahoo is tracking on you.  You then have the option of changing how they serve ads to you.  Keep in mind, this is still in Beta – but this is the way the internet is evolving, and to me, this is because of things like social media and free speech that we keep advancing this medium.  Being able to hear the consumers and provide options is something that has never been available to us, and I think this is going to really push agencies and clients alike to keep getting better!


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Lisa Sullivan July 15, 2010 at 11:31 am

Actually, Michael, I did notice the link BUT I didn’t click on it. I wanted to see what the internal discussion was all about first.

Funny-you mention tracking. On the one hand, I want my privacy. On the other, I don’t mind ads specific to my tastes. You are so very right in that today’s advertising models continues to evolve as much as the internet & social media continue to drive them (no pun intended).

As for the ad on Yahoo itself, I’ll repeat what I said internally – I freakin’ love it! And I don’t even care about sleek, high-speed, car models. The ad grabbed my attention & if I was shopping around, I might even check out Lexus SUVs because of it. I mean, if the cars are as stellar as they are making them look, the rest of their fleet must be too, right?

GREAT post!


Morgan Siem July 24, 2010 at 8:53 am

I think this is a great thing to point out! I see it as a very smart move on Yahoo!’s part. It’s almost like a preemptive strike. While everyone’s been talking about their privacy online, Yahoo! is making a point to offer transparency. This move not only shows respect for the audience and an understanding of audience needs, but it is also strategic from a legal standpoint. It is yet to be determined to what extent companies have a right to capture online data from users. That day will come, though, and courts, most likely, will end up with the responsibility of drawing the line between tracking and privacy. When that day comes, Yahoo! is in a good position. They’ve protected themselves by allowing users the right to manage their own privacy or even opt out.

I think that the consumer’s fear is more of the unknown that of an advertiser sending them an ad that actually matters to them. By informing audiences, Yahoo! is taking the first step toward reconciliation between the advertiser and its audience.

Great post :)


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