Oh the kids these days… I just don’t get it!

by Ellie Johnson on January 9, 2009

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Sorry Peter Madden, I usually value your insights but today’s post in Ad Age makes me want to throw a blanket over your lap after I pull your rocker closer to the fire.

If you’re a marketer considering how your brand can advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social community tool and you share Madden’s opinion – I encourage you to save your budget and stick to direct mail.

One of my favorite conversations I enjoy having with our clients are those where we explore the opportunities that these community-based web tools allow for advertisers and weigh their unique risks and rewards for their brand.

The first bullet point on the agenda is typically: * Don’t interrupt.

I think I’m going to use Madden’s opine to add color to our already colorful presentation – an example of what not to do.

I left these comments for him:

I’m not sure which hat I should be wearing to read this post. If I’m reading AdAge as interactive media professional, your sentiments about how to market to the audience on Facebook are well… showing your age and you shouldn’t be responsible for anyone’s social media budget. You don’t get it. Frankly, advertising should not be an interruption any longer online or offline. If that’s what you’re after, you’re doing it wrong now.

If I’m wearing my thirty something, lover of most things digital, mobile mama hat – I would simply say Facebook and probably any other community-fueled tool is just not for you. And that’s ok.

Either way, I’m thinking that your sister should have left well enough alone.

Advertisers who will do well in these digital communities will figure out what these tools are intended to be used for, they’ll respect how they are being used by the masses and then they will put the user guide down and break a mold or two. They’ll create something that is unique, that is useful for the audience and that is easily shared.

Advertisers who interrupt should realize that just like in an offline conversation – that’s just rude.

Ellie Johnson – Media Two Interactive

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