No Rush Jobs? How about getting a clue (or a process)

by Phil Buckley on May 30, 2008

in Media

I had a call earlier in the week with Steve Hall from AdRants… Specifically, our PR firmwanted to introduce us as he wrote a great article on media optimization trumping creative optimization. During the call – I realized that our personalities and thinking were really right on the same line – and it was refreshing to hear that my thoughts and frustrations were not being felt alone. What was even better was the fact that Steve is a reporter now – and is no longer even active in the day-to-day “doing” that we do here at Media Two Interactive, but yet his thoughts and hopes were much in-line with ours. That all being said – I gather the excitement of the introduction had to do as much with the non-excitement of the earlier IAB call I sat in on that discussed Best Practices for Interactive Campaign Setups.

So for years I talked about how I didn’t think the IAB was doing enough to help out the industry, and now that we’ve joined as one of only 14 advertising agencies – I now understand why it is more and more important for agencies to get more active within the IAB. The presentation centered around everything from handling RFP’s to set up to whatever you would need to know to run a campaign if you were a publisher. The problem was – what stuck in my head the most was the comment that was made of “Do NOT do 24-hour rush jobs for media buyers.”

The point that was trying to be made was that when things are rushed, that’s when accidents happen the most, problems occur, etc… The reality of it is though, is agencies are typically rushed because a client is typically rushing them. Our firm tries to educate all of our clients on the benefits of having at least 2 weeks to do a media plan and buy, but the reality of it is, is sometimes the plan and buy MUST be executed within 24 hours. In which case, as part of Media Two’s “After the Buy” process, we have a set plan in place for executing these rush jobs so that errors and problems don’t occur due to time constraints.

As I now have a much greater appreciation for the IAB and their challenges of educating beginner firms as well as advanced firms, I would implore them to create a follow up series that discusses a best practice for taking the rush job… After all, everyone knows that a publisher isn’t going to turn away revenue – so let’s help them take the revenue and not mess it up. The procedure we go through here requires us to be fast and flexible, and if publishers can’t keep up, then the industry as a whole will suffer the same fate traditional marketers are going through now. Agencies – it’s time to get involved so the IAB has a voice on both sides of the fence. Don’t let publishers dictate all of the rules – or you may never get a rush job done again.

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