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by Barbara Maloney on June 2, 2011

in Social Media

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When it comes to monitoring the online conversation, particularly in the social media space, there are a variety of tools we use, including Radian6. We thought it would be helpful to give a brief synopsis of some of Radian6′s most recent updates. The information below comes from a Radian6 webinar explaining their new Insights feature.

Insights is both a way to listen to the conversations happening about your brand on sites like Facebook, Twitter and blogs as well as a way to get insight into who the audience members are – basic demographics, sentiment, location and influence.

How does it work?

Radian6 partners with Klout, OpenAmplify and OpenCalais to provide more in-depth user data.

Radian6 Insights shows you the top domains, hashtags, retweeted usernames, sources and usernames mentioned within your search results. In the Basic Demographic Insights, you’ll see demographic info about the authors of Twitter posts, including age, gender and location.

In addition, the partners provide:

  • Klout: measures influence across the social Web, both who you are influenced by and who you are an influencer of.
  • OpenAmplify: offers semantic text analysis to deduce sentiment and intent.
  • OpenCalais: Tracks mentions of entities (people, companies, organizations, etc), facts and events as well as discerning topics that people are discussing.

What’s it good for?

From our standpoint, these insights will be valuable for a few things, including market research, catching customer service complaints for clients, brand management, sentiment analysis, risk / crisis management and identifying key influencers to reach out to as brand ambassadors.

Current Radian6 Insights is being introduced on a rolling basis to their current clients. It will be a couple more weeks before everyone has access. Pricing will vary based on accounts.

What’s your take on “Insights”?

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Trish June 2, 2011 at 2:49 pm


Great breakdown and review. It’s our hope that this added functionality helps turn vast amounts of data into semantically enriched information for gaining customer insight, decision making and action taking. Thank you so much for sharing your synopsis!

Best wishes,
Trish @Dayngr
Radian6 | Community Manager


Barbara Maloney Barbara June 2, 2011 at 3:54 pm


You’re welcome, so glad you like it! Thanks for the webinar.


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