My first few weeks here

by Media Two on July 10, 2008

in Media Two

This is the fourth week for me here at Mediatwo…I feel that enough time has passed for me to intelligently post a few of my thoughts thus far, so here goes…

In the past month I’ve relocated my family and started a new job. I came from a large agency up in Detroit where I worked on multi-million dollar automotive accounts. A bit of culture shock was certainly expected when I accepted a job at a small agency with accounts a bit smaller than Ford. But I’ll chat more about that in a minute…

My choice in coming to Mediatwo was an easy one. I was invited to come visit MediaTwo in April while I was on the job hunt. I was welcomed by a friendly group of Interactive savvy folks. I got the agency introduction, agency tour and was able to sit and talk with the media group and compare what they did to what I did and see if a match was to be made…

As you can assume by me posting this blog, a match was made and I joined the group. What a smart bunch! And for the culture shock…..everyone here knows what they are doing! The Interactive account folks actually know Interactive! And better than that, they are experts at it! My media peers are hands down some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. The design folks are equally as talented and unique. I love the format…In order to work here, you must know, or be highly motivated and interested in the Interactive biz. The expertise and knowledge that this agency holds is remarkable and priceless. I love how I can engage in a free and open conversation and can almost always count on someone to have feedback on any comment, issue or concern that I have. The productivity that I’ve seen in the past couple weeks has blown me away! When everyone “gets it”, things move faster and much more gets accomplished. At a large agency, I felt like half the job was educating my peers with what I was thinking, feeling, and trying to get accomplished. Here at Mediatwo, that is one step that need not be taken. Things move fast around here, good thing I was ready to swim on day one!

I can see that I will learn tons from my peers here at Mediatwo, and I look forward to teaching them a thing or two from my past experiences back in Motown. The atmosphere here is open and with my hunger to always learn and grow, this seems to be a great fit for me.


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