Microsoft’s new SEM toolkit

by Nick DiPietro on July 31, 2008

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I might be Johnny Come Lately on this, but I just downloaded Microsoft’s adCenter Ad Intelligence Plug-in for Excel. This is hands down, the best Keyword research tool I have ever seen. I have used them all: Wordtracker, Overture, Google…oh yeah and my own two hands. But rather than exporting lists, searching for dupes, copying and pasting them into Google’s Traffic Estimator to gauge cost, then compiling and formatting them for your own use within each engine UI but also any client proposals, Microsoft (for the first time that I have experienced) has come to the forefront in SEM research tools with their latest excel plug-in, Ad Intelligence, that outperforms any of its competition. It’s one of many new tools they recently unveiled to assist online marketers make more informed, strategic decisions (
The search keyword research tool utilizes a simple wizard to allow you to generate not only keyword recommendations based on root phrase, site domain or topic, but it also generates estimated impressions, clicks, avg. position, CTR and Monthly Cost! If that weren’t enough you can also select keywords you’d like search query volume for by geographic area and basic demographics.
The days of researching and launching keywords and messaging without much communication with the client are slowly coming to an end. With more and more client-side marketing personnel familiar with search engine marketing, we have been tasked with presenting our research in a more traditional manner…outlining keywords, their potential ad group designation, target demo’s, spend potential, and more… And finally a tool is in the marketplace to help us accomplish this.

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