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by Rachel Rumsey on January 5, 2010

in Design

As a motion designer, I’m always chomping at the bit* for the opportunity to create a compelling demo animation or presentation for a client or campaign. I love the whole process of collaborative brainstorming, storyboard doodling, key framing and tweening. A productive day = lots of crumpled ideas pinned to the board and scattered around my feet. The problem for clients however is that a little self-promotion or levity it might feel superfluous and risky in this economy without any direct result. But really…how can we measure the true value of being memorable?

Hmm…so what makes something memorable? I’m talking about something as clever and memorable as making sock puppet vignettes for a mortgage insurer like Genworth.

Genworth Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets for Genworth

The campaign succeeded because not only was it clever and well executed, it was so completely…unexpected…for a financial mortgage insurance company. Most importantly, the viewer is going to have a good time and will walk away with a good feeling about YOU. Now, isn’t that valuable?

What memorable thing have you seen lately?

We’ve got a talented and creative crew here at M2i, and all I want is the opportunity to turn them loose and come up with something new and valuable to you. Take a look at our updated portfolio which highlights these and a few more good memorable examples like the sock puppets.

FYI~ * “Champing at the bit” (instead of chomping) is the original form — it is still currently endorsed as the only correct form by the Associated Press.  Yeah, I didn’t know that either.

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