Media Two Interactive joins SEMPO

by Phil Buckley on November 21, 2008

in Search

Media Two Interactive is now a Circle Member of SEMPO… In our never ending quest to stay on top of everything search and how it plays well together in the media mix, we have joined the leading professional Search Engine Marketers organization. Coupled with our IAB membership and search committee participation as well as our corporate certification with Google, Media Two is in the enviable position of being able to help define the search engine industry and how it affects the online and offline marketing universe.

Although this is starting to sound more like a press release than a blog post – I really just wanted to keep everyone in the loop of our continued drive to not only educate but to be educated. Too often people put search in a vacuum and assume nothing else matters – when the reality is, there are online and offline events that happen every day that shape the way people think, and ultimately search. Media Two published a case study about a year or so ago that talked about how display advertising can lift your search conversions by over 20% (go to and read the one titled “Increase SEM Results”), and just recently, Microsoft Advertising’s Atlas division posted a very similar case study for Alltel.

Search is being looked at in all new lights, and there are more and more opportunities for companies that continue to grow and learn – and I’m proud to say Media Two continues to strive to be a leader in the Interactive Media industry with it’s dedication to Search Engine Marketing.

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