Me vs. Adwords

by Nick DiPietro on January 30, 2009

in Analytics,Search

I thought tests were a thing of the past when I graduated college over 2 years ago. Seeing as how I have successfully eluded tests since that time I figured I was in the clear. I was wrong. This coming Tuesday I am scheduled to take the Google Adwords Certification Exam. A test I am told that was forged in the belly of a Pacific-Rim volcano by a breed of Googlers that can only be described as, well, EVIL. A test of might, will and the ability to click on the right radio button enough times to merit a passing percentage. Survivors have told me that if the test does not strip you of your soul it sure as hell will try.

So how have I prepared for my battle with the almighty of online you might ask? I’ve been studying. Totally lame I know, but repeatedly sticking oneself in the abdomen with a cattle prod apparently has no correlation to helping learn search, it just makes one badass. Instead, I’ve been perusing Google’s learning center each day in hopes that my brain can retain enough search data before Tuesday’s throw-down. Not to mention managing a bunch of campaigns. The learning center is a great resource and a good place for reference, but I’ve found the best cerebral saturation, like with most things, comes from hands on experience. Everything from setting up a sensible campaign structure to developing optimization tactics tailored to each of your campaign’s goals. I have really benefited from being exposed to multiple campaigns. I can use methods or tactics associated with one campaign, and either build off those or cultivate a new approach on another.

A general explanation I know, but there are so many ways to achieve your goals in SEM it’s hard to point out one part of the whole. My time is limited, IT nears. Come Tuesday I will awake a common man and hopefully go to bed as a Google Adwords certified man.

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