Marketing Through Facebook & Twitter | Internet Summit 2011

by Justin Johnson on November 16, 2011

in Social Media

I am here at the Internet Summit 2011 in Raleigh, North Carolina patiently waiting on the first speaker, Jim Tobin to begin.  Today he will be sharing what he thinks are the Secrets of the Top 50 Facebook Fan Pages.

After very quickly going over the top 50 brand pages Jim goes over how many posts these big brands are making each day. On average these brands are posting 1 to 2 times a day, Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm.  Some brands are better at posting than others.  MTV posts more posts than 48 of the other brands in the top 50, while Ferrero Rocher posts the least, with zero posts per day.  What does this all mean? According to Jim, posts directly influence fan growth.  Brands like MTV and National Geographic who post very regularly saw over 10% growth in fans during a 60 day period, while brands who do not post as often only saw just over 4% growth.

Jim now directs his attention to impressions and how important they are.  The example that Jim chose to use was MTV.  During a 60 day period MTV generated 1.2 billion impressions on Facebook alone.  Yes, billion.  What does this all mean?  Simply it means that during those 60 days fans and friends of fans on Facebook saw MTV in their news feeds 1.2 billion times.  Thats great right? But what is the big deal about Facebook impressions?  Well look at it this way.  Companies spend millions and millions of dollars to gain a fraction of those impressions through traditional media and other forms of digital media.  Brands are now doing this through Facebook at a fraction of the cost.  These stats include only the posts made by the fan page, not the ads or any special applications.  Well… its just Facebook right?  It can’t be taken seriously… WRONG!  It is proven that Facebook fans are more inclined to buy from these impressions, because they are coming from someone they trust, their friends.

Do your brand a favor and embrace social media.  I want to leave you with one quote that I think sums up the session from Jim. “Post Post Post. Posts drive impressions, impressions drive sales.”

See you on Facebook!

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