Keynote Speaker | Gary Vaynerchuk | Internet Summit 2011

by Holly Bazemore on November 16, 2011

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Gary Vaynerchuk was the Keynote Lunch Speaker for the Internet Summit 2011!

Gary began his presentation by giving some background about his history and how he began his career.  One day when working with his Dad at their family store he saw a huge amount of demand for a special wine.  He made the analysis that there was a problem because there was such a huge demand for a product that they did not have the merchandise to provide.  In that moment he decided to do back orders and that took off for their business.  Soon after that he found the internet and decided to take the sales online.  A large portion of his success was being able to identify a problem and solve it!

He gave an example where he asked the crowd here today how many people said they would never get a Facebook account.  A large portion of the crowd today raised their hands but after he asked how many of those people now have a Facebook almost all of those people had been converted into Facebook users. He asked the same question for the cell phone and only one person in the room didn’t have a cell! ( Then he insisted on hugging her!)

Gary said he thinks that 99% of people that are using Facebook and Twitter are doing it wrong!

Homework: look at 5 people that you drive by today on your way home – he guessed that 3 of those people are texting! His point was that people aren’t watching billboards anymore! He even believes that people don’t even watch many commercials anymore.

Again we hear that “social media is not a fad!”

There are currently such a large amount of people that watch TV with 1 or more other screens in front of them (Tablet, Computer, Phone). Gary said that a good creative strategy would be to make commercials have a call to action and tell watchers to go somewhere on the internet!

Communication is currently being destroyed. He said we are living through the biggest culture shift of our time.

Homework #2: Go to and search your brand.  Then search your genre.

He believes that in 2012 there should be nothing that is written about you on your Facebook wall that should not be answered. He calls it, “No engagement left behind”.

At Gary’s company they have a thank you department. He told a story about his company and that now every person that places a order with them gets a personal thank you call.  He said that the audio recordings from those calls is so funny because people are just waiting for the catch or the pitch to follow the thank you.  12% call back to apologize for being rude because they were so shocked.  They add a personal touch with all of their purchases and this dramatically increase their business and profits.  Amazing stories!

2012 is here….

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