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by Nick DiPietro on November 18, 2010

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Kevin Lee, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Didit

Dan London, Director of Online Marketing, ShareFile

Timothy Seward, Founder & President, ROI Revolution, Inc.

I’m live blogging, it’s like trying to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time.

Dan London is up first talking about Adwords ACE (Adwords Campaign Experiments) which allows you to do campaign tests at the same time.  Some examples of what tests could include are bids, keywords, ads, display URLs, position preference and more.  These changes are small tests without having to go all in.  In the past tests, were the before and after variety, now ACE provides statistical significance to measure changes.  So why test?  Dan points out, and its very true, you’re always trying to increase ROI.  So don’t get complacent with optimizations, test, analyze and repeat!

David Lee up next.  Here are a few points from his presentation…

Be smart about keyword expansion.  Know when long-tail is creating more work than actually helping your efforts.

Conversions = Leverage

Use dayparting

Be aware of geo-targeting and conversion rate differences

Understand lead quality and what variables influence that quality

Stay educated on best practices.

Lastly Timothy Steward, a PPC neighbor here in Raleigh.

Talking about Google’s remarketing.

Simply, remarketing – user visits a website, user leaves the website and is shown an ad on another site

Google Remarketing is performed through the Google Display Network on a CPC or CPM pricing model.

3 components

Segmenting with Lists

List Duration – you can retarget a user up to 540 days since the user’s first visit to the site

Combining Lists

Rather than trying to explain these components, come talk to me if you have questions!  I’ve used this tactic for a few of our clients and can explain it better in person.  While implementing Google remarketing is fairly simple to do, it’s another thing to try and explain it on the fly in a blog post.  Hit me up! @mediatwo_search

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Dan November 18, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Thanks for live blogging my session. I hope to have my presentations from #ISum10 available online soon.



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