Internet Summit Spotlight: AutoTrader & Playboy

by Morgan Siem on November 18, 2010

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For everyone following along with #isum10, we’re kicking off Thursday morning with a Spotlight by AutoTrader’s President & CEO, Chip Perry and Playboy’s Managing Director of Playboy Enterprises, Inc, Paul Lee.

One of the points that stood out to me the most from Chip’s AutoTrader presentation was that as a company, AutoTrader never fell into the thinking that just because it’s on the Internet, it will attract customers. Instead, he spoke about the fact that people will only come to your site if they have  reason to do so – not just because it’s there. It doesn’t matter if your business is online or offline – what matters is that your business provides a value to its consumers.

Chip also discussed the fact that AutoTrader has had an added advantage of competing against companies that are stuck in the past. He showed an image clip of the car-sales section of a newspaper from the 30′s and another image clips of the same section today. Not much change there.

When listing some of the key factors that have made AutoTrader successful, he said:

  • that they didn’t chase the stock market bubble
  • that they were untethered from traditional media
  • that they concentrated on business fundamentals such as compelling customer benefits

Stay tuned, Playboy just took the stage…

Ooooh, so Playboy Paul got me on board with his presentation right away! He’s a Twitter guy – Ok, we can be friends.

Right now Playboy is working on some social media integrations, such as “Miss Social.” Basically, Miss Social is a popularity contest that leverages social networks. It gives any girl the ability to enter the contest and then through self-promotion across her social networks, she can get her friends to vote for her. When Playboy first launched this in August, they posted two Facebook posts which resulted in 2,000 girls who opted in within a three-day period. At this point, they add about 4,000 Facebook fans a day.

This has turned into a virtual economy because the girls have taken on entrepreneurial efforts to win votes. Girls have been able to win votes by doing things such as purchasing billboards, going on the Howard Stern show, shooting personalized video thank-yous to voters, etc. Now, voters can also purchase votes through a mobile payment plan.


  • Average of 1,000 impressions per girl (profile page)
  • $ / girl / day
  • Facebook Fans 23,000+

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Rab November 18, 2010 at 11:02 am

Jason Peck told me this morning that the first Miss Social was from Raleigh NC.


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