Internet Summit on Social Media ROI

by Morgan Siem on November 18, 2010

in Social Media

1st up: Jeanettte Gibson of Cisco:

7 steps to success:

  • Know the Rules – understand the law and adhere to best practices
  • Create a social media policy
  • Listen
  • Set goals
  • Create an education initiative
  • Plan for support
  • Be open & transparent

Our Approach to social media governance:

  • Objectives – encourage the use of social media, but… protect both the company and the individuals
  • Audiences – employees using corporate and personal social media as well as external visitors to corporate social media
  • Strategy – social media policy, educate, listen, participate

Jeanette gave a great example of why a social media policy is so important. At one point, an employee who had her own marketing blog decided to say something like, “wouldn’t it be really great if Cisco acquired such-and-such company?” It became an issue because her blog linked to her LinkedIn account, where learned that she was a Cisco employee. CNet then published an article that Cisco was acquiring said company. Problematic, to say the least. So, this story gives a good example of how a social media policy protects both the brand and the individual employees. Now, the Cisco policy includes a requirement for employees to include wording on their blogs that says something to the extent of: “I am an employee of Cisco, but these opinions are my own.”

Recently, Cisco launched its new social media web page. Check it out here:

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