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by Phil Buckley on November 18, 2010

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The Internet Summit rolls on, hello Thursday morning!

First up this morning is Online Advertising featuring Emma Battle from Red Hat, Jeff Wood from aiMatch, Nancy Hall from ValueClick Media and Kyle Johnson from Compete.

We seem to be running a little late, but that’s okay, it gives me some time to finish my slightly stale bagel.

First up is Emma…

She’s happy the people in the rom chose her over Playboy next door :-)

She’s talking about P.L.A.N.ning for online success. In the next few years, in the B2B space, 71% of your customers will be coming to you online – 71%!

For B2C, online advertising is also becoming more and more important. According to Forrester, online is just as important as television advertising.

Planning is important, but it doesn’t insure success.

P.L.A.N. Model consists of:





Real Time Marketing:

Reach Broadly

Engage Often

Authentically influence

Listen actively

TIMEly response

She talks about the Old Spice campaign as being well planned and Inception the movie.

Next up is Jeff Wood talking about the Past Present and Future: The Challenges and Opportunities of Online Advertising. He’s happy to be at a conference where he didn’t have to get on a plane to speak at.

Data is the new currency in online advertising. We’re still trying to sell, but it’s all about the data now.

Jeff enters the wayback machine and actually brings up America Online and Ask Jeeves. Back then, there was very little audience information. There has been an explosion of people online, and data that accompanies them.

Back in the day, starting a company meant a huge investment in hardware, now there is SAAS and cloud computing. Technology allows smaller start-ups to compete and keep up with the old established companies.

The new data is all of the data points that you share online, places you visit and things you “like”. Businesses need a data plan to find the customers that want their product.

Combining data from as many points in a logical manner is what businesses need, he talks about how his company is one of the new breed of companies that is doing just that – making actionable user data available to businesses in one place.

Stepping up to the podium next is Nancy Hall talking about Audience Targeting Based on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Data.

She’ll also be talking about data. She loves data because it’s a real metric that isn’t very squishy. Good data allows you to make clear actionable decisions.

Audience targeting is an attempt to deliver the right messaging at the right time to the right audience.

Segmentation is the key. Bucketing your data allows for smarter targeting.

Proper targeting can generate new customers. Data that matches your current customer base can be used to hyper-target new people.

The goal is to drive awareness of categories and brands to desirable consumers and compel them to purchase – also known as “the funnel”

Last up for this session is Kyle Johnson speaking on The New Basics of Ad Measurement.

Kyle says his presentation will be a meandering journey of personal discovery.

GRP for digital media? He was skeptical. GRP was for the old days right?

Enter YouTube and DC shoes.

GRP may indeed be possible because of panel-based measurement and direct tag-based measurement allowing Reach and Frequency to be measured.

Shazam! <– yes he actually said that

So now you can compare a YouTube video and a 30 second commercial on Dancing With The Stars.

But wait, you also need to throw in the cost. So maybe the YouTube video cost $200 and the tv ad cost $200,000.

So now can start figuring out how much each GRP cost.

What about the ROI… hmmm, much harder.

SO you can use GRP to help compare apples and oranges, it may not be perfect, but it’s one more comparison data point in your bag when it comes to making decisions about advertising – and that’s a good thing.

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