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by Phil Buckley on November 18, 2010

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The big keynote address from Bob Parsons of GoDaddy has been changed slightly because Bob sustained some kind of injury that kept him from flying.

Stepping in is the President and COO of GoDaddy, Warren Adelman.

GoDaddy is registering a new domain about every 1 second. They currently have about 45 million domains registered under them.

Warren explains that Bob damaged his retna! ouch.

Woot! #Movember shoutout. They’re doing a big #movember push at GoDaddy.

Because of the inconvience, they are giving eveyone here a $50 voucher to use at GoDaddy! Nice.

He shows the original GoDaddy Superbowl ad. Talks about how it ran once, then FOX pulled it.

Now he goes into why they ran that ad. Before that, they were doing all their advertising online and when they weren’t gaining a bigger share of the domain market they finally figured out that the reason was – nobody knew who they were.

Since domain registration is pretty dry, they decided to do something more “exciting”

After the Super Bowl, they saw their market share grow from 16% to 50% today.

When GoDaddy came onto the scene, people were paying about $35 for a domain, they offered it at $9. They also wanted to allow anyone to come in and register and get started as easily as possible.

GoDaddy has 2,800 employees and most of them are customer service. Every person who buys a domain from GoDaddy gets a call after a week or so to make sure everything is ok – when is the last time you spent a lot for than $11 and got a follow-up from a company.

GoDaddy see’s about 70% of it’s sales from customer referrals. This year, GoDaddy will do just under $1 billion.

Warren talks about how a woman being stalked made them think of hiding registration information and how the 15 minutes of fame known as William Hung caused them to set up virtual servers.

Interesting sory about how GoDaddy and Bob Parsons got into social media – it all started with a blog comment. Nice when it’s an organic story.

Lots of stories about how awesome the customer service team is, and how GoDaddy focuses on it so strongly.

GoDaddy’s #1 problem is that they can’t find enough world-class people to staff their operation. They currently have over 100 open positions!

Oh, the gift card… Registered attendees can email GoDaddy at and they’ll get you an electronic $50 gift certificate.

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Morgan Siem November 18, 2010 at 2:46 pm

Post the #movember pic for all of us to see!


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