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by Ellie Johnson on October 14, 2009

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Start something.

I love the CED’s tagline and I really like the new logo, too. As I read about their rebranding effort and their goals for the next fiscal year, of course I thought about the many prospective clients I talk to about their growth objectives for 2010 and how online marketing will play a key role.

“The Council for Entrepreneurial Development, which marked its 25th anniversary this year, has a new logo, slogan and branding campaign as it looks to expand its membership during a down economy,” reads the article in today’s News & Observer.

More often than not, our prospective clients are anxious to spend money with us to create a strategic growth plan for their business online, but they discount the value or fail to put any value on their brand, their site and the multitude of ways that web sites and web tools have advanced online marketing and advertising for today’s marketers. Instead, they wish to push ahead and push out a stale look, a site that lacks a modern toolset for the visitor and the marketer – a site and brand that quite frankly just don’t live up to the online consumer’s contemporary expectations. It’s a shame.

This area in North Carolina is rich in diversity, intelligence, creativity and entrepreneurship. The CED is a strong example of our culture here and we should all be very proud of its existence and influence. It’s no wonder that their leadership sets a valuable lesson to other organizations and businesses – show your stakeholders that you continually reinvest in your own brand and grow their confidence to do the same.

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Morgan Siem October 14, 2009 at 7:45 pm

Good post, Ellie. It’s such an important point you make that brands MUST show their stakeholders that they are continually reinvesting in their own brand. Perhaps I speak only for myself, but I’m turned off of a brand with a wrinkly old Web site. It goes back to the point you made in “Freshness Matters”: and that fun Web site age calculator:


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