Increasing traffic to your blog with Trackbacks

by David Dekker on February 29, 2008

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I am a newbie when it comes to blogging. So, I just found out what a trackback is the other day. I am sure there many more tactics used for successful blogging that I will end up finding out about in the coming months.

In short, a trackback is a url at the bottom of a post. Below that would be a list of Bloggers that tracked you and links to their posts(for a visual on this check out seth godin’s blog). If someone wants to trackback to your blog post they copy the url and paste it in a specified field in the back-end of their blog admin area. They would also make a link in their post directly to your blog article, which should relate or comment on your post. Once they post you would receive an email saying that you got a trackback and then it is up to you to ok the trackback. Note that some spammers try to do trackbacks, so check out the material before you ok it.

Once I found out about trackbacks, I wanted to know how to set it up. Well, it is not currently available on They do have backlinks though, which seem to be similar. I have enabled them as of yesterday, so we just need some eyeballs and people that want to link to some of our posts.

If my short explanation left you confused check out this video at Friday Traffic Report. I am a visual person and it cleared the air for me.

Now time to make a backlink of my own to a post on our company blog of course. Predictions for 2008 by Ryan is entertaining. It made me think of how Google is taking over the online world anyway. Their new street view is kind of cool, but kind of alarming at first. Anyway, my little prediction is that they will have a GPS app that gives you a street veiw in the near future. It would be a free service of course, accessed by your cell or car computer maybe?

Anyway, get your trackbacks accepted by some blogging gurus to get the most out of it.

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