Thoughts on Video and the Ever Expanding Universe

by Phil Buckley on April 14, 2008

in Media

In my search to come up with this very blog post, I combed the many unread AAF Smartbriefs that have filled-up my inbox over the course of the past few months for inspiration. What I found were many interesting articles on both traditional and interactive advertising (huh,imagine that in an advertising newsletter), but one that really @$!* stood out. The article I speak of explored the presence of bleeps in both television and online ads and how they resonated with the target audience. Before I even finished the first paragraph, I thought to myself, “Bud Light swear jar.” GREAT ad.

But, what the article really made me think about is how advertisers continue to push the limits to reach their target audience. The online space appears to be the ideal channel to foster this continuing surge toward risque content. With viral videos in a constant clash to gain a chunk of digital real estate, advertisers appear to be taking advantage of this less stringently regulated medium by introducing content that might not fly during prime time. I can’t speak for all online users or demographics, but I have come to expect this type of off-the-wall content that makes the online space so unique. And it’s exciting!

Bleeping or not, it’s nice to know that the interactive space allows advertisers and designers to explore and implement a variety of creative options that can play into the media buy. Not only that, but the results are measurable, so you can tell if Tay Zonday’s Cherry Chocolate Rain remix helped sell Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper (just an example). One day I’d like to tell my grand kids that I trafficked a popular internet ad like that. Yea, that sounds like the tops.

A couple questions come to mind as I reflect on what I have already wrote: What about video banners though? When will they be discussed in the same breadth as the chart-topping viral videos on youtube? Or will they at all? I’d like to think so. If anyone can do it, the collective heads at Media Two can. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead as we move at the speed of the internet!

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