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by Michael Hubbard on October 31, 2009

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So over the last couple days, you may have noticed that we’ve engaged in a friendly battle with another agency to try and win “best blog of the month”. Going into it, we simply submitted our blog to see what would happen, but when we saw we were actually getting a few votes, we decided to build out a social media strategy for this contest and see what happens.

Part one of the strategy was to engage with the front runner to create a friendly rivalry. As the contest was about the best use of social media in a blog, we didn’t think it would be too difficult to find a willing participant, and we were right. After posting our initial blog (Warning: Unprofessionalism in Social Media), we gently needled the good people of Iowa, and received a playful reply in return(Media Two Point Oh is Worst of the Week) . Of course, we’re in the midst of 2 major website redevelopments, so I couldn’t spare the valuable time and resources of our design team, but I did manage to find a YouTube video that added some more fuel to the fire, and the rivalry was set.

Ad Mavericks played on the heartstrings of Iowan’s everywhere crying the East Coast was picking on them, and the twitterverse responded to their plea’s:


As the cries for “defend our state” continued throughout the day, we said nothing. We sat and watched, and waited. Their 5-10 vote lead increased to 50-60 votes. We did reach out directly to AdMavericks to make sure they knew this was all in good fun – but publicly, we let the ridiculing of Media Two continue, and the polls continue to slide in their favor.

And then, 4:00pm EST on Friday hit, and everything changed! Our strategy of engaging was already set, and our second plan was to sit and wait for the premier time. We do not have unlimited resources at Media Two, therefore, timing was key to our strategy. The best time to get Retweeted is Friday at 4pm – so we shot out a few emails to some of our friends at the Internet Old Timers Association and asked them to please RT us, and we asked some of our followers to do the same. And the results of our strategy? We went from 50-60 votes down, to a 20 vote lead by the end of the day! With less than 600 total votes, that’s a pretty resounding swing!

The voting continues until Thursday, so if you have a chance, please vote for us at http://twtpoll.com/8g1osk. Regardless of how the end results turn out, the most imporant thing to note is having a strong strategy and sticking with it will produce results.  We do however want to thank the gang at AdMavericks for being a great sport – and of course, assure Iowa that we have nothing against your great state (but you have to admit, that video was pretty funny).

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inquiring minds October 31, 2009 at 11:36 am

Big fan of Ad Mavericks – and fellow Iowan – however, yes, the I-80 video you posted is pretty funny!


Michael Hubbard Michael Hubbard October 31, 2009 at 7:11 pm

I’ve quickly turned into big fans of Ad Mavericks as well! And unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the video – but I’ll have to reach out to whoever put it together – because it was pretty funny. Wondering if they’ll do one about North Carolina… They could substitute corn for tobacco, and it would be pretty relevant :) .


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