I love that Twitter thing (now what exactly is it again?)!

by Michael Hubbard on December 16, 2008

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As you may have read, last month I made the Twitter plunge! I jumped in, tweeted my every move, searched for fellow interesting tweeters, and even made a couple friends and business connections. Now that I’ve done it – I feel compelled to answer the question “So what the hell is Twitter?” that I’ve been so frequently asked over this past year. Here’s my top level take-away for you…

1. Real Time Connections. You have 140 characters to tell the world what you are doing. If anyone cares, they connect with you and follow you and you have the opportunity to do the same. My take-away is it’s kind of like an Instant Message to the world. According to companies like Dell, they’ve sold millions of dollars of product simply by announcing new deals to their followers. Others aren’t as good at it.

2. Twitter Feeds the Ego. It took me all of about 4 minutes before I had my first follower. I was pumped – I was on top of the world… I was the next rock star of twitter world. When I didn’t reciprocate and follow them, they blocked me and moved on. What??? I learned very quickly that when you follow companies and certain individuals that they will instantly start following you. A sort of interactive warm and fuzzy for you that makes you want to hang on their every word (or at least not block them). I also learned that some people feel VERY important if they have thousands of people following them – so they reach out to EVERY person in the twitter universe simply to gain those reciprocal followers. Think of a bad link strategy that’s starting to evolve…

3.Curiosity Growth. I started to follow only agency and marketing happenings, but I quickly found out it’s fun to see how the “other half lives”. I find myself clinging to my holiday candy as I see that Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong) is working out indoors as it’s too cold in Austin today. I don’t know why – but I love it when inspirational people like him share their every move. Something tells me if he were to sign a deal with a chocolate company and tweet about it, I’d be a new consumer for that product. Just saying…

4. Search.Twitter.com. Research has been one of my primary uses… I’ve been able to see in real-time what people are saying about potential clients, products, etc. It’s the modern age focus group.

5. Some Get It. Some… I’ve enjoyed following places like @mashable@bmorrissey@agencyspy, etc… But there are still some that I wonder why… To name a couple @richardbranson and @adagesimply let me know when they blogged or posted an article somewhere else. If I wanted that – I’d look at their blog or somewhere else… That being said, I’m about to go twitter that I posted this blog – so something about the pot calling the kettle names…

There are a lot of new things evolving out of twitter, and it’s still yet to be seen if it just becomes a facebook application, but for now – it’s been a fun experiment that I will continue to follow@mediatwo.

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