How to: Create a Facebook Event

by Stacey Alexander on August 5, 2011

in Social Media

We’ve had a few questions about Facebook Events, so we wanted to take a moment to show you how easy it is to create one.

  1. Once you’re logged in to your Facebook account, click on “See All” in the events list on the right.
  2. On the next page, click the button that says “Create an Event”.
  3. This will bring up a form asking for the details of your event. Fill out as much as you want.
  4. Select the privacy level of your event. It will automatically be set to public. If you uncheck that box another box will appear with the option of letting guests add new guests to the list. Leave this unchecked if you don’t want that option available.
  5. Then click “Create Event”.
  6. Now that the event is created, you can upload a photo by clicking the “Edit Event” button and “Add Event Photo”. Click “Save Event” to go back to the event page.
  7. To invite friends, click on the “Select Guests to Invite” button on the left of the event page. You can click on the friends you’d like to invite, and also add email addresses of people who aren’t on Facebook. Click submit, and the invitations will be sent.

Need to create an event on LinkedIn? We have a post for that too!

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    Morgan Siem August 7, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    One of the greatest things about Facebook Events is that word spreads quickly. There is built-in RSVP functionality, which has the added benefit of sharing with your friends when you RSVP ‘yes’ to a public event. For the marketer (or event planner), this means that the visibility of your event quickly extends through peoples’ personal networks as people begin to RSVP.

    Another cool feature is that you can select the level of privacy of your event. You can make it private (invite-only) or public. You can also decide if you’d like people to be able to write on the event wall and post pictures or not.


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