Hotdogs and Ketchup, Seo and…

by Kenneth Nicholson on October 17, 2011

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So you’ve spent countless hours researching keywords and optimizing your site for good SEO. So much time that you haven’t slept in two days and you’ve named the beetle living in your beard Stanley.

Get out of your chair (Wait! Go back and grab your laptop and continue reading), go outside and get a breath of fresh air because I have something great to tell you. A fact, that slips through the minds of many people in the bloggersphere. Ready for it?

Content, Good Content

Let me explain. SEO is all fine and dandy but it is ONLY a compliment to great content. What do I mean by that? Ketchup compliments a hotdog. It makes it more tasteful. A great sound system compliments music. It makes the music sound better. However, if you take away the base or foundation, the hotdog and music, the ketchup and sound system would be useless. (I hope you don’t eat ketchup by itself). The same can be applied to SEO and good content. Take away the good content and you might attract a good number of visitors but they would soon leave because your site is boring.

So the recipe for a successful site is:

1 tbsp SEO
Buckets of that yummy savory good content =

Your awesome site.

The next question that begs to be answered is, what is good content? If you are still outside please come inside and make us a Cup of Tea for a nice little chat.

What is good content?

To be honest this will be short and sweet. Good content is anything that engages your audience. Anything that makes them think, laugh, cry, upset, mad or informed (this is based on your site). Another way to have good content is the way it is delivered. That will be discussed next. Move Along.

TV Killed the Radio

Think of the way your content is delivered. Many times you can have similar content but one is chosen over the other based on the way it is brought to your senses. If you’re smart you know why I chose the sub heading for this section. It is because of the way a message is being delivered. Could you get the same information from the radio that you could on TV? Yes. Which would you rather partake, no doubt television. Why? Because TV excites more senses then just hearing. So instead of writing about your topic do a video or audio post.

The End

So put on your apron, turn on your oven, and use this recipe to make a delicious site.

“Sniff! I’m so proud!”

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