Holy Holiday Rush!

by Ellie Johnson on December 3, 2009

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Jet Pack
Our development team has been engaged to drop what they’re doing with Drupal and instead, learn how to build jet packs.

Turbo powered back packs that enable us to cross the country to pitch new strategic direction on Monday, convene the appropriate stake holders for a discovery phase in DC on Thursday, hold strategy sessions with our agency partner in MN shortly after and dart from office to meeting to office again in nano seconds are mission critical to our success this month.  Also, we need to hire a barista and a bartender to keep us all fueled properly for any given task.  We’re moving so fast around here, paint is peeling from our drafts as we fly by.

This is what the holidays look like for us and we love it!  Each year, right around this time, our clients get tapped to formalize their budgets for the next year and inevitably they realize they have some remaining money that needs to be spent right now.  Our new business phone rings off the hook as prospective brands hope to start the next year off with an improved website, marketing mix or their C-Levels have finally seen the writing on the walls and want to enter the social media strategy game.  Or, for some of our clients, they simply realize that in order for them to have a relaxing holiday without the need to give a thought to their work demands – they need to quickly dump their task list on our desks and put a due date of January 4th on each.  Who wants to start the New Year off with last year’s unfinished jobs?

Bring it on!  Thank goodness this year is like every other year that has come before it.  These are the best gifts an agency can ask for: new opportunities decking their halls, showing returns on marketing investments as good work pays dividends, building closer partnerships with great clients.  Wrapping up end-of-the-year projects and starting the due diligence and ground work necessary to leap into January with a sense of direction and purpose just feels good, doesn’t it?

How are you feeling about the start of your 2010?

Could the “flat is the new growth” mode be coming to an end for ad agencies this season?

Let us know if you need a jet pack, too…  I hope we all do next year!

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david dekker December 4, 2009 at 12:21 am

Nice. Can I get a jet pack with a little tray on the front so I can work on my laptop while I am flying?


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