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by Morgan Siem on July 19, 2011

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So I’ve spent a while now test driving Google+. It’s got its pros and cons. I’m trying to put aside my frustration at having yet another site to keep up with in order to make a fair evaluation of it.

Some of the features are great. I like that I can designate which circles I share info with so that I don’t blast my high school friends with info about trends in the social media world, while at the same time not making business contacts sift through pictures of my vacation.

So, while I understand the value of circles, one hangup is that it’s time consuming to manually circle hundreds or thousands of contacts, and some people defy categorization. It means that for each person, I have to decide if I think they’ll be interested in my social media posts and/or my personal posts and/or my Raleigh-specific posts, etc.

After spending some time on the platform, I have two items on my Google+ wishlist for the developers:

Opt-in / Open Circles - I would love the ability to make some of my circle public for people to opt-in to. Here’s a specific example: I have created a circle for people in the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill). This is because some of my posts are really only relevant to local people and terribly dull to my peeps in other cities. However, this circle is turning out to be a big hassle to build, and I know I’m missing a ton of people who would probably want to be included in this circle. I am more than happy to have strangers included in this circle, but since I’m the only one who can add them to the circle, right now they’re left out. I wish I could open this circle up to the public for people to opt-in.

This will be a feature that becomes very important once businesses / brands are allowed on Google+. Many people will likely want to opt-in to receive updates from their favorite brands. Google+ should give people the ability to opt-in to the specific public circles that they want to be included on. For instance, if you are a university, you might want to create circles for different types of info, like: admissions, sports, performances, campus life, etc.

Overlapping Circles – I also want the feature to post to only the people who overlap in two different circles. To be specific: if I had a circle for personal friends and a circle for people in the Raleigh-area, I might want to post something only to the overlap of those two circles.

These are the two top-of-mind items on my Google+ wishlist, although there are others.

What features do other people hope to see added?

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Rich Tucker July 22, 2011 at 7:17 pm

Several people have brought opt-in circles which makes a lot of sense. I may have 4000 people following by having me in one of their circles – I have 200 of them in my circles who are from my hometown so they are in my #CLT circle… but 2000 of the people who have me in a circle are actually from #CLT… so when I share to my #CLT circle 1800 people who follow me from my town do not see relevant #CLT messages.

Chris Brogan last night actually created an Opt-in circle using a Google form. In the Form he only asked that you enter your google profile URL. He was taking 1000 people who he would put into is special inter marketing circle…. and he would share special content about internet marketing only to the circle… anyone could do this… you could have a circle just for sharing Yoga info too… and in order for people to be part of that circle, you use a google form to capture their profile url. You put them in your Yoga Circle and share away.

Rich Tucker


Morgan Siem July 24, 2011 at 10:19 am

Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Rich! Very handy. I really appreciate the insight.


Barbara Maloney Barbara Maloney August 5, 2011 at 2:52 pm

Google + still baffles me a little, I do think though that some things need to added or edited in regards to what options you have.

Those are some great ideas for changes to Google +, lets see if the developers listen! :)


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