Google Wave vs. Email

by Ellie Johnson on March 10, 2010

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Jay Cuthrell presented his thoughts and experiences today at a TIMA (Triangle Interactive Marketing Association) lunch and learn. Jay is an experienced web developer/engineer/tech geek and claims that the possibilities that Google Wave presents the dev community today get him as pumped up as if it were 1993 and he was digging in to a Web server.

For Jay – the developer’s tool set for tomorrow starts here:

I am NOT a developer and much of what Jay described melted my brain, much like the chocolate in the cookies that were served at the event (hot and right out of the oven – damn good!) But what I could piece together is that Wave is a new way that data will get brokered, mined, aggregated, served and disseminated  and that Google’s current Wave is just one example.  Devs like Cuthrell are going to dive into Wave servers and create new tools for developers and for the public.  Right now, Google’s Wave seems like fancy IM and previously, Wave didn’t alert me to tell me that I was missing a conversation if I wasn’t logged in.  Now, Wave will send me an e-mail alert but I have to know how to set those up… which I now know how to do!  (Thanks @qthrul!) But who knows what developers will produce with Wave in the near future – for enterprise solutions or for the consumer.  For example, I’d like to see Outlook get more Wavey.. more collaborative, more useful and realtime.  I use Salesforce and apparently the company is digging in DEEP to develop offerings with Wave; CRM makes a logical pairing for this new way of gathering and communicating data.

Truth be told – I’m not smart enough to see the future given what I absorbed today.  I am smart enough to recognize that Wave will change the game for online communications – and I’m really excited to see what folks like Jay create for us all.

For Jay’s complete presentation deck from today – click here.

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Brian McDonald March 10, 2010 at 5:01 pm

I saw Jay demo Google Wave last August in its “pre-Beta” release. I’m always amazed at how advanced Jay is in using this tool. I still have challenges using Wave and would like to see it developed more for “the rest of us.” Wish I was able to attend today the cookies smelled good from tweets!


Jay Cuthrell March 11, 2010 at 5:57 am

Thanks for the write up!

One of the links I did not include was the Salesforce examples I was referencing. There is a “short” video available (fast forward to the 30 minute mark) from a DreamForce 09 presentation.


Morgan Siem March 16, 2010 at 11:09 am

I wish I’d been there for this presentation. It sounds great. Jay – you are always a great presenter, whether you’re talking about the future of Wave or about rednecks :) I’m really glad someone covered this topic. I’m fascinated to see the integrations you spoke about. It’s also encouraging to hear that the current version of Wave is just the groundwork.


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