Google Should Try Indexing MCC’s

by Michael Hubbard on April 8, 2010

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A precursor to this post…  An MCC is short for My Client Center.  It is typically used by advertising agencies or other large scale marketers to control multiple ad words accounts from one location.

Although we’re a media agency, everything we do here at Media Two is centered around search – so if you’ve ever seen me speak on SEO or SEM, you’ll know that I’m pretty passionate about search (passionate is probably an understatement).  You’ll also know that I’m pretty emphatic that I don’t believe most advertisers know just how high the bar should be set with search.  After all, it is undoubtedly one of the best direct response vehicles ever created for advertisers (and yes, I get brand and marketing mix – but for this post, I’m focused on DR – so work with me).

Google arms its agencies equally with education centers, internal strategy teams, white papers, blogs and everything that you could ever dream of, yet, I still see the bulk of search’s marketing credit being given to the largest agencies or the ones that thump their chests the loudest and make claims of premier services.  This is typically the way the world works, and I get that…  But what I don’t get is why does Google not change that, when after all, they started as the great equalizer for small businesses everywhere and have arguably one of the most relevant search results around.  How would they change it all you ask?  Make it a competition.

We all know Google sees everything – so what if Google monitored agencies MCC accounts for effectiveness of brand reach, conversions, cost efficiencies, CTR’s etc and then indexed every MCC owner?  I’m sure they could figure out an appropriate algorithm and even throw in some intangibles like budget scalability based on number of certified adwords employee’s, etc – and then the next time an advertiser needed an agency, they could “google” which agency would do the best job for them.

I know it will never happen because Google would risk losing lots of money from larger agencies who might do a better job selling search than running search – but wouldn’t it be an interesting competition if small agencies were able to win business away from larger agencies simply because they were more effective?  Think about it Google – it’s how you got to where you are today.  You could even approach a major brand right now who is doing an agency RFP and give them 10 agencies to openly run the same campaign for them.  The agency that delivered the best ROI running the campaign would be their new agency…  The client would win (based on effectiveness).  Google would win (based on assumption of efficiency freeing up more inventory).   And clearly, the winning agency would win based on their expertise.

There’s a lot more to a client/agency relationship than just numbers, but in this age of holding companies and outsourcing, it sure seems a little more effective than what Google is using currently.

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Brian McDonald April 14, 2010 at 1:54 pm

Michael I love your angle here. Albeit self serving you make a great point. As traditional advertising and marketing dollars move to search, we need agencies that really deliver in a shorter, more direct manner. I mean they have Google Keyword Optimizer why not MCC Evaluator?


Michael Hubbard Michael Hubbard April 14, 2010 at 2:01 pm

Ahhh… To say “self-serving” would be admitting that I think we’d win the competition :) .

The reality is – Google would probably want to make it so that the group that made them the most money would win, and I don’t think that would be us – but who knows. I’m still awaiting “Mr. Google’s” response to my request :) .


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