Google Comes to Raleigh!!!

by Phil Buckley on June 18, 2008

in Search

So Google was in town… well two representatives of Google to speak at today’s TIMA lunch and learn, when Google is in town for TIMA I guess its kinda a big deal. The attendance was easily double normal TIMA attendance and everyone was excited to hear what the biggest company to hit the Internet had to say… so if you weren’t there, your in luck… I was and I’ll give you the low down.

The first woman (Tania) to speak gave an overview of Google’s capabilities and the importance of a search campaign, this was high level information but not everyone is as knowledgeable in the interactive world as me :) she discussed the importance of using at least 4 different variations of copy in your ads so that the best performing ones can be optimised into greater weight (or odds that they will appear). She also discussed your different options in placing spend caps on your campaign so that you do not over spend monthly and even daily, and the ability to “day part” which means running ads on certain days or at certain times depending on volume and when they will be most effective…. it is about this time that Jon created his new character “the angry media planner hand puppet” this was a genius move and successfully kept us entertained throughout the “review” parts of the lecture, see picture…

The second speaker was a Woman named Hetal, she was entertaining in that she spoke a lot about YouTube and showed a few Videos including one by one of my favorite bands of all time Weezer… if you haven’t seen the “Pork and Beans” video yet do yourself a favor and stop reading this and click this link… but then come back because my rambling are very important and insightful!!!

There now don’t you feel better?… anyways Hetal went on to discuss YouTube and the ways that some companies use it to make money, I am still not convinced that it is a good medium for a ROI based campaign but her statistics were pretty interesting, for example there are 10 hours of media uploaded onto YouTube every Minute, and 22% of people who watch YouTube are older than 55. YouTube in my opinion can be great for branding, granted you create a entertaining video that gets itself a lot of attention otherwise I will be excited to see how Google uses this site to generate revenue in the future… that being said I will leave you with this… to quote the angry beer coozie media planner hand puppet “V’hare is my MEDIA PLAN!!!” (in thick German accent)….ha ha priceless!

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